Love and hate a situation that emerged with a client the other day. Love it cause it’s one of my favorite topics, but hate it cause it’s always a difficult convo… as guys hate to hear.

Basically, my client is seeing this girl. Very attractive. They slept together on their first date, and apparently the connection was unreal. They’ve since been very intimate, sharing tons of details about their life.

By all accounts he perceives this girl to be a keeper. But is she?

First off, let’s remember it doesn’t matter at this point whether she is or not. If he’s “lost in the sauce” with her, he’s going to be there for the time being. My job is not to pull such a guy out, but to simply put a rope around him so he doesn’t drown… and bring enough awareness to the situation that he doesn’t get burned too bad.

But in short, probably not.

Because the situation has all the hallmark traits of Girl Game. Including the one I call “the bear trap” because it gets even grounded guys emotionally attached to these women.

What is this “bad girl bear trap” you ask?

When a girl tells you some variation of “it’s so hard for me to trust,” “I tend to disappear to protect myself,” “I get scared getting close to guys” — some bullshit like this.

Why is it so bad?

Not because she’s lying. But because she’s telling the TRUTH. And yet, in the context of her “opening up” and saying how “close she feels to you” and giving you incredible sex… you fall DEEPER for her when she does it.

Because she has positioned herself as the “bird with the broken wing” that only YOU can save.

This is — conscious or not on her part — textbook manipulation. She makes you feel special, is super engaged… and then RUG PULL. The attention suddenly starts to disappear. You thought you had a girl who was all about you, what happened? Maybe she’s going through a hard time? Maybe *you* did something wrong, how can you help her? Definitely don’t assert your own needs and boundaries… that’s selfish, isn’t it?

It’s amazing to me that despite how important this material is, as far as I know, NO ONE else in the manosphere talks about it.

The tell you how to get girls, how to become a strong, masculine guy… but they don’t tell you how women can PLAY YOU LIKE A FIDDLE.

The good news?

I am a master not simply of offense but defense.

I show you your psychological weak spots, and how seductive yet broken women exploit them.

And I do it in depth in Module 2 of my masterclass… for nearly 3 hours.

Unsurprisingly, it’s one of guys’ favorites. Because you don’t get red flags hashed out in such detail elsewhere.

Anyway, you can grab it here:

And protect yourself from these not so uncommon bear traps…

– Pat

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