November 2018

Dissonance In A Nutshell

The other day I had an application from a guy considering doing some coaching with me. And he put some stuff on the application that gave me a bit of a chuckle. Nothing, really embarrassing or atypical, mind you. I don’t mention it to “shame” him. But worth noting since I’m certain many of you

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Ethical Cheating?

I got a question from a subscriber recently about an interesting situation. Basically, this guy is being courted by a married woman. She claims her marriage is good, and that she loves her husband. The only problem… she’s not satisfied sexually. And she wants this guy to “take care of her needs”, in order to help

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The Essence of Alpha

One thing I (and increasingly more) of the denizens of Twitter find hilarious is how much people in the red pill world obsess about who is Alpha and who is Beta. Part of this is funny because it’s just a stupid conversation. To use the jargon, guys who are extremely dominant and “run” the household

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