So yesterday I made mention of the guide at a certain vineyard in Napa Valley whose owner was into all sorts of illuminati stuff.

But this guide himself was a pretty interesting guy, and put on quite a show for us that night…

After we left his tour, we went out to dinner, and stopped by a local dive soon thereafter.

And we just so happened to see our guide (let’s call him Johnny) chatting with the bartender at the corner of the bar.

Now, to paint the picture: Johnny is about 5ft 8, very muscular and attractive, classic Italian-looking guy with an aggressive “jersey” accent to boot. He’s dressed in a tailored blue suit with a windsor knot yellow tie, grey vest, and cashmere-looking black peacoat. He has a blue tatoo creeping above his neckline.

The bar, in contrast, is filled with mostly grungy-looking locals — white guys in trucker hats and old sports jerseys, drinking bud light and looking empty-eyed.

I start talking to Johnny at the bar, who is very pleasantly surprised to see us, and he begins telling me about the place.

“I’m surprised you guys came here, if I knew you were going out I’d have recommended it. One of the realest places in Napa. There used to be a stripper pole here until a few weeks ago, ha. Don’t stick around too long though — a fight breaks out pretty much every night.”

I took it with a grain of salt — I lived in Philly and know dives like the back of my hand. Unless you’re starting trouble or disrupting the locals no one seems to mind you being there.

But it appears Johnny had a little history in the bar. Because about 20 minutes into our conversation (where he was spilling the beans on his employer), a short, one-armed girl in a white sweatshirt interrupted our conversation and approached him.

“You’re a fucking idiot, hey idiot, what you are you doing here stupid — you know this guy is stupid?”

She was drunk or drugged and sounded like she had been lobotomized. But it was clear Johnny knew her. He immediately tensed his face up like an icy Roman general and looked straight ahead, away from her, telling her to get out of here — as she continued yelling profanities at him a few inches from his face. After a few seconds of this I told her that was enough and to scram, which she finally did.

I asked him what that was all about and he explained.

Apparently, he and this girl used to work at the same vineyard I had visited that day — and after a couple of months began to date. This relationship lasted 4-6 months before she allegedly said she wanted to sleep with other people. So he ended things… whereupon she proceeded to bang all of his friends. After a couple months of this she wanted to get back together and he refused. This infuriated her, and she’s had a vendetta ever since.

Now, I’ll tell my own inferences about this in a bit… but to continue the story…

Approximately 5 minutes after this altercation, as Johnny and I are talking, two zombie looking guys approach, one about my size (6ft1+) and another short around Johnny’s height. The short one gets in Johnny’s face and says something brief to him, Johnny quizzically looks at him and responds affirmatively… when suddenly this guy punches him, tackling Johnny and throwing them both onto the floor… beer spilling and blood spurting everywhere.

Now, I’ve seen fights before — hell I’ve been in them — but never something quite like this.

It was out of nowhere, there was no lead up. I was contemplating jumping in — I wasn’t going to let Johnny get hammered on the ground, it had to get broken up — but I had to deal with the guy’s friend. He was eyeing the situation to make sure no one double teamed his friend.

Fortunately, the bouncer intervened within a couple of seconds so my dilemma passed.

But here’s the thing… when the bouncer intervened… he threw Johnny out, not the other guy.

And then, like we were in a bizarro world, the crowd cheered.

To be fair, it’s possible they had no idea what had actually gone down… and assumed whoever the bouncer had ejected was the culprit.But was that really all there was to it?

Johnny fit in the least of any person in the bar.

And yet, he was also, by all accounts, a regular.

They knew the place where he worked well.

And he was there by himself, chatting with people when I arrived.So I asked him about it near the door, while the bouncer rushed over to ask me what happened… whereupon he immediately apologized to Johnny, and asked if he wanted to press charges, since they had it all on video.

He declined, based on the inconvenience… but told the bouncer “it’s not really him, it’s the one armed girl… this is the second time this has happened… she fucks these guys in the ally in exchange for attacking me.”

Crazy, no?

But a lesson in here.


I’m sure this guy Johnny’s story wasn’t entirely correct.

Do I think she fucked his friends? No doubt.

(I don’t know how she lost her arm… but if @duckfanaccount is any indication…)

But I’m sure Johnny wasn’t trying to “lock her down.”

I’d guess he hooked up with her, she wanted it to be serious, and he demurred… whereupon she went after his friends for revenge… but Johnny didn’t give a shit, because Johnny didn’t care about her.

(Let’s face it: Johnny was more than a step above her.)

And so she retaliated accordingly, by trying to destroy Johnny… both physically and socially.

Hypotheses which became all the more obvious when Johnny mentioned “they” were trying to intimidate him into not going to the bar anymore, but that he wasn’t going to be moved.

(I assume this is why he mentioned the bar had so many “fights.” He was referring to his own experience.)

Anyway, why do I tell this tale?

Be careful pursuing the “low hanging fruit” of women.

They might be easy lays.

(Such is the power of a bit of game and preselection)

But abuse of power causes resentment.

And in many women — particularly when their options for something good are quite limited — will make it a vendetta to ruin you.

All the more reason to develop your discernment.

And all the more reason to work with me.

I help you to read which women have a vengeance streak.

Because many aren’t simply damaged, but dangerous, and will make it so that after you’re done with them you continue to suffer.

Johnny is an interesting but hardly extreme example.

I have plenty more I’ll share soon…

Anyway, apply to protect yourself here:

– Pat