October 2018

Why He’s Dating His Mother

“It would be great if you can write about “guys who look for a mother in their girlfriend” i.e. mommy complex or Mamma’s boy. It’s not completely clear to me.” I feel like I’ve covered this topic before but I’ll attempt to go a bit deeper… in the modern age especially, it’s crucial to understand. […]

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Building My Army of Betas?

I was about halfway through an article on Introverted Feeling (Fi) vs Extroverted Feeling (Fe) in seduction, when I bailed. This happens from time to time with writing. I have an idea, and think it will be great (Extroverted intuition) And then I apply my critical lens to it (Introverted thinking) and realize I just

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The Ethical Player

Another day, another big Twitter argument with “that” corner of the internet. And all because of a little bitty quote of mine from Monday’s email Rivelino (@alpharivelino) sent out: “Ethical players must stay away from decent girls, or must change their ways and date them seriously. You are scum otherwise, no matter what you tell

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Why Women Become Sluts

This past weekend a friend was visiting from across the pond. It had been awhile since we last talked, and she’s a chatterbox, so once we cracked open some wine the stories just kept pouring out. We were out until 4AM last night for my wife’s surprise birthday… so it’s going to take me some

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Why Women Hate The Manosphere

The other night I was out with a post-gala crew. And a girl in the group was complaining. (go figure) Her boyfriend was an investment banker and was working long hours… to the point where it was her 30th birthday, and he wasn’t coming out. I understood his side of the situation, of course. They

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How To Kill A Marriage

I heard a story the other night that, like many otherwise innocuous tales, seemed mild on the surface but caused me some concern. It was about an older friend’s son. He’s about my age. I haven’t met him. And don’t know anything about him personally, except that which I was told. But he’s married, and

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How To Date and INFJ

One reason I caution anyone to think in black and white about women is personality type. As we have said time and time again: all women are hypergamous, but all women do not manifest their hypergamy the same way. So while your average ESFJ female might lose interest if you chased and persisted through obstacles, your

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The Core Factor in Compatibility

So as should be common knowledge if you’re on this list by now, masculinity and femininity are downstream of universal “sex impulses,” and determine the sexual polarity in a relationship. And it should also be clear that there are different personalities, and some get along better than others (both individually, and structurally). But there is

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