This past weekend a friend was visiting from across the pond.

It had been awhile since we last talked, and she’s a chatterbox, so once we cracked open some wine the stories just kept pouring out.

We were out until 4AM last night for my wife’s surprise birthday… so it’s going to take me some time to squeeze the insights out of everything she said…

But one of the things she talked about was her recent relationship history.

Now, I could cut to the chase and tell the “juicy,” triggering bits… such as how she admittedly “put on her slut pants” and went on five dates in five days, making out with 4 of the guys and sleeping with two of them…

A story which, on it’s own, would be very red pill “case study” and indicative of the modern woman.

But is really only half the tale.

Before that… the woman had been dating a guy she liked. He was older, and while it was not necessarily something for the long-term, she trusted him.

When all of a sudden, he started going cold and wouldn’t give her a straight answer on things, leading to the end of their arrangement.

Understand, this guy wasn’t her “soul mate” or anything like that.But he was the first guy she had dated, let alone slept with, in nearly 2 years.

That’s right… this “slut” had been more or less a celibate nun for a very long period of time.

In large part because she was burned out of guys.

It was a cycle she went through before.

And one I’ve seen many other girls go through as well.

Relationship. Heart wrenching break up. Plays the field to get over it. Celibacy. Until the cycle repeats.

I mention this for a couple of reasons.

One is to break up your tunnel vision you have inevitably garnered if you’ve been following certain accounts. Most people focus on periods of promiscuity like it is the norm, completely ignoring the lonely celibacy these girls often go through.


“Slut” periods are almost always compensation for heartbreak and a feeling of emptiness, and when a girl commits to being a slut, it’s because unconsciously she has ruled out hope of something deeper.

The girl’s own words were “I want to have something fun to remember when I’m older.” Perhaps this is jading to you, but is it really hard to understand when you can’t seem to find anything deep or committed with a guy?

It makes me wonder how much of the “high n-count leads to failed relationships” data is correlation vs causation. How much does sluttiness break a woman, vs sluttiness being a symptom of a broken woman?

From listening to women’s tales, I am sure that emotional damage and disappointment at the behavior of men starts a lot of these slut cycles, which then of course run said women down further.

Anyway, a little more nuance for you.

As usual these insights into the minds of women are available to you and your own personal situation.

But only if apply to work with me:

– Pat