October 2018

Can Women Change?

“Hi Pat. I hope you’re well.  I was just reading the Mary Magdalen section in “The Way Forward” that reminded me of a question I asked Mr. Tomassi. I’d very much enjoy your answer to the same question. “Hi Rollo. I’ve been meaning to ask you about something that’s bothered me a bit about some […]

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“Loyal” Cheating

Wanted to piggie back of yesterday’s email while it’s still on people’s minds, and talk about ways women “cheat loyally.” It’s something people don’t talk too much about — for understandable reasons. It’s still cheating, even if the reasons for it are complex. But understanding how some of this stuff works on the “deep end”

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How To Catch A Cheater

I put out a poll this morning about a very delicate situation. I’ll give you some details in a bit… but the gist is, a friend’s wife cheating on him. (READ: How I Know You’re A Cheater) I am 100% certain of this. There isn’t any wiggle room for other options. But, it’s a very

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Daddy’s Little Girl

I remember as a teenager, meandering through the Cherry Hill Mall (shout out to South Jersey!), always feeling strange when walking by Victoria’s Secret. The place has a “forbidden” element to it. It was for women. Given the models and lingerie everywhere, you were a “pervert” if — as a man — you went in

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Mess With Her

Friday night I put out in passing on Twitter: “Joke with your kids if you want them to develop their instincts.” The thought crossed my mind as I had finally found a parking space in a cozy little alley, deep in old italian South Philly. This neighborhood is “gentrifying,” but still has a lot of the

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