February 2018

We Have Met The Enemy, And He Is Us

A couple days ago I wrote something on Twitter about “models of mental management.” I don’t know whether I made this ambiguous term up or borrowed it, but it’s basically a way of codifying how you get yourself to do things. The conventional approach, especially in our corner, is discipline. You don’t want to do something […]

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How To Look At A Woman

“A woman can tell if you’re assessing her or leering” Some guy, I believe @huntfored, said something along those lines the other day. (Great account to follow if you haven’t already – he’s basically the wise yet jaded, reformed hedonist. Dark, incredible insights into female nature.) It’s an important distinction. Girls LOVE being “assessed” —

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3 Ways To Handle Relationship Issues

One thing that gets talked up a lot in more “mainstream” dating advice circles is communication. Got a problem? Express it. Be vulnerable. Be open. Of course, as we know, men need to be cautious when it comes to such advice. Vulnerability is best expressed from a position of strength, otherwise your masculinity will diminish in her eyes.  (To

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Mean Coaching

I’ve been having an issue with one client. We’ll go into that a bit below, but first a little precursor on my coaching so you know the scene. One of the big things I do in my coaching practice is “deep work.”  It’s something I pride myself on: long conversations with the client, psychotherapeutical in

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F*Ck Like A Philly Fan

As many of you know I’m from around Philadelphia. And though I’ve moved onto NYC I return often — it’s still my home. One such return was this past weekend for Super Bowl LII. I was determined not to miss this. Back in 2008 I was living in Philadelphia when the Phillies won the World

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