June 2015

Saved By The Suck

WHY YOU NEED CONSISTENCY I’m writing this post under duress.  I really don’t want to do it.  Each line seems worse than the one before, and the whole thing feels forced. Why am I wasting my time (and yours) with this? One word: Consistency. Probably one of the most underrated words out there. If Step […]

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The Truth About Rejection

THE TRUTH ABOUT REJECTION This past weekend Kate and I were in San Diego, killing some time on the beach before our flight home, when we saw some high school kids playing volleyball. For those of you who don’t know, Kate and I love volleyball, and we had been itching to play for months.  This

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Stop Lying To Yourself

STOP LYING TO YOURSELF People come to me with a lot of questions: “How can I get a girlfriend (or boyfriend)?” “How can I free myself from the 9-5?” “How can I get girls to sleep with me?” “How can I get people to enjoy talking to me?” “How can I make more money?” “How

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