I’m writing this post under duress.  I really don’t want to do it.  Each line seems worse than the one before, and the whole thing feels forced.

Why am I wasting my time (and yours) with this?

One word:


Probably one of the most underrated words out there.

If Step 1 of success is creating goals and Step 2 is mentally committing to them, Step 3 is being consistent in your commitment to them.

Not just making your aspirations part of your thoughts, working on them here and there.  Taking action to make them happen every. fucking. day.  

There is a whole world of difference between “committed” and “consistently committed.” In many ways it’s the difference between being an amateur and being a pro: the former treats their “passion” as a hobby, the latter as an obsession.  One barely sees any progress and stagnates, the other accomplishes his goals.

A single word, consistency, separates their two existences from each other.


And it makes me wonder…

Where are you showing up like a amateur instead of a pro in your life?  What areas have you not yet “consistently committed” to?

For a long time I wasn’t “consistently committed” to getting better with girls.

Like many men who get into this niche, I studied social dynamics, bought products, memorized pick-up lines, and absorbed all the potential tactics and techniques of a “modern day casanova.”

But did I talk to girls?

If they were put in front of me, yes.  But when it came to taking the initiative to meet them on my own, I had a great excuse for my fear: I had to “study more.”  Knowledge was a crutch.  So unless I was in a great mental state or had the “right wingman” with me, I’d bury myself in material and avoid doing the only thing that actually mattered: talking to the women I cared so much about attracting.

Of course, there were exceptions.  And I’m proud of them.  But what could I have accomplished if I decided every single day I’m going to go out and talk to girls even if I don’t want to?  What if I had been consistent?

I’m certain I could have accomplished in 1-2 years what ultimately took me 6.  Indeed, it would have taken me longer than that if I hadn’t at the end of it consistently committed myself to making dating my priority.

Think it’s all a coincidence?

Let’s take a look at my business.

I’m on track for a record breaking month this June.  More clients, more content, more cash, and most of all, more growth and impact.

How did this happen?  The second half of May onwards I finally became “consistently committed” to it all.  Putting out things like this blog post, even when I don’t want to 😉

For almost the entire year prior it wasn’t this way.  I was “hanging out” with my business rather than treating it like a lover I needed to dote on.   The results of my inconsistent action were, unsurprisingly, inconsistent.

But everything changes when you are consistently committed.

This is because the big gains and revelations happen when it’s hard, not when it’s easy.

Sometimes it’s that you’re at a plateau and you need to exert just a little bit more effort to get “over the hump” and see the results you’ve been waiting for.  More often, though, the biggest reason for this incredible change in outcomes is that inspiration and motivation follow action, not precede it.

I.e., they don’t strike when you’re sitting on the couch, one hand in a bag of chips and the other down your pants; they strike when you’re doing the shit you know you’re supposed to be doing.

This means that being consistently committed in your actions towards a goal is easier than just being committed mentally to it.  Consistent action creates momentum which feeds on itself: you see progress, which makes you want to work more, which creates new ideas, which makes you want to work more, which makes more things happen, which makes you want to work more, and so on and so forth.

It’s easier to get inspired and motivated when you’re working, not waiting.  


So why aren’t you doing it?

There are no “4-Hour Work Week shortcuts,” at least not in the beginning.

Just persistence and work in exchange for results and reputation.

And maybe, if god smiles upon you, a little luck 😉 After all, that’s what tends to happen when you embrace consistency.

This blog post was tough to write.  Normally I would have given up and told myself I’ll finish it another time.

But I’ve got another one I need to crank out.  And another one.  And another one.

And I’m fucking committed to consistency these days.

Are you?