July 2019

Stay Single or Commit?

A reader writes in: Thanks for putting out great content and actionable advice. I’ve been reading your stuff for probably 5-6 months now. I wanted to run my situation by you and see what you thought. I am a 22 year old guy and I’m struggling with whether to commit to a girl or not.

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Can Your Woman Really Change?

It’s a big question I’ve been getting from guys, especially recently. Can a relationship on the rocks be salvaged? Can their woman change? The short answer is unfortunately the least satisfying one: It depends. But I’ll give you some criteria to determine whether or not it’s possible in your case. The first variable is unfortunately

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A Woman Who Knows Her Power?

So #ICEBae joined twitter yesterday. I don’t know if you know about this girl, but she’s a meme that cropped up in the past week… basically a hot latina ICE guard who was smiling in front of some illegal aliens who were locked up. (Point of the meme was to contrast her with the other

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