It’s a big question I’ve been getting from guys, especially recently.

Can a relationship on the rocks be salvaged? Can their woman change?

The short answer is unfortunately the least satisfying one:

It depends.

But I’ll give you some criteria to determine whether or not it’s possible in your case.

The first variable is unfortunately the one most in your control:


You’re the man, and if you want to shift change in your relationship you need to take responsibility for your own actions and what you’ve done to create the dynamic.

You need to take responsibility every variable in your control… and change them.

You need to transform yourself.

That’s Factor 1, the step most guys don’t want to address.

(Which is why only a fraction of guys actually seek high level coaching, which is what I provide)

As for Factor 2?

Well, it all depends on just how much she loves you and how much trust is in the relationship.

The reason for this latter part is simple:

Changing your woman is going to require ENORMOUS amounts of stress and conflict.

There needs to be a deep current of dedication beneath all of that intensity to get you through it.

Otherwise, when the going gets hot… she’s going to split.

Which is why when it comes to selecting women, there are negotiables and non-negotiables.

For example:

A negotiable with a woman can be attachment issues and emotional baggage.

A non-negotiable is trustworthiness.

The reason being, the former can be addressed… but ONLY if the latter is present.

If a woman wants to be with you, you can forge her.

But if she’s only with you to toy with you, because she’s materially dependent on you, or to escape into a fantasy with you… then it’s not possible.

Your attempts to show her the truth about herself will only drive her away, like holy water on a demon.

Not a bad thing, mind you.

(You want to push away toxic, disloyal people from you)

But it is something worth understanding.

If we work together, I can only change you.

Yes, I will also give you the tools to change her.

The absolute best strategy and tactics.

But the decision for a woman will ultimately come down to whether she loves you more than she loves the broken version of herself.

And that’s a choice only she can make.

Anyway, not that it should factor in too much for you.

Either way you win.

You level up and guide her there with you, or you level up and find someone more suitable.

The only way you lose?

Choosing a stagnant status quo.

Which is unfortunately what too many men do.

Yeah I know, change is scary.

But you know what’s more scary?


And not just in the “metaphorical sense” that you’re spending the rest of your life in a miserable unsatisfying hell hole.

Stress creates energetic imbalances in your body that will eventually ruin your health and kill you.

You have to choose yourself if you want to save yourself.

Or whatever, waste your life in fear like the vast majority of sad sacks out there.

The brave few can apply here:

– Pat