So #ICEBae joined twitter yesterday.

I don’t know if you know about this girl, but she’s a meme that cropped up in the past week… basically a hot latina ICE guard who was smiling in front of some illegal aliens who were locked up.

(Point of the meme was to contrast her with the other hot latina AOC who was crying outside of the border fence)

Anyway I don’t give two shits about the politics here.

Investigate further at your peril, this stuff has its moments of levity but is mostly energetic cancer.

Point is that #ICEBae found out she had become a meme.And so she joined twitter, and posted the following video


Now, I said she “knew her power”… but why?

The girl’s attractive, and no doubt preference comes into this… but she’s not a BOMBSHELL.

Physically she’s above average.

But sensually?

She’s ELITE.

Notice the way she moves. The deliberate pacing of her speech, with innuendo and pauses.

She’s not my type in the slightest and yet I feel the tension with each move she makes.

It’s true female power.

This woman is confident, and understands how to harness feminine sexual energy.

And as a result I’m sure guys are all over her.

The truth is that most women today, especially in the west, don’t know how to do this anymore.

They don’t understand energy.

They are all “mind” (and usually their minds are retarded due to social programming).

And perhaps even more tragic, those who DO know have so many opportunities to profit off of it… many if not most are using these charms and wiles to get $$$ from guys rather than pair off.

(We’ll see what #ICEBae does with her new found attention… women like her aren’t likely to squander it)

But tbh it doesn’t really matter that most women aren’t like this anymore.

Because most men aren’t like *men* either.

They don’t know their own sexual energy. They don’t know how to harness it… to channel it.

Instead they sit around with their dick in their hands jerking off to images, or hope they can swipe a desperate girl on Tinder who’s willing to partake in a transactional ritual.

To be honest?

It makes me sick.

Most guys sleepwalk through life and have zero awareness that things could be better.

That they could be more powerful. More confident.

That they could get the women they actually want.

And tragically… even the ones that DO know such things are possible refuse to take action.

They procrastinate. Wait for things to get WORSE.

Even when opportunities to level up are right in front of them.

Such as the one you know exists in this email.


I am not going to bullshit with you.

A lot of stuff happened to me during my break.

BIG stuff. Life changing stuff.

My work is evolving in areas that is going to give me abilities maybe a handful of people in the world possess.

And my work is starting to be recognized by strangers (despite my shitty marketing).

The moral of the story is…

I am not going to be this accessible or affordable forever.

Just a little reminder opportunities pass by those who don’t take them.


If your love life isn’t where you want it, you can keep “thinking about it”…

But my reputation is such for a reason.

Your mindset and discernment WILL transform if you work with me.

Action-takers can apply here:

– Pat