A Short NYE Email For You

Let’s cut to the chase: NYE is one of the “big three” each year when it comes to meeting women (along with Halloween and Valentines Day). Yes, the holiday is overdone. I know a lot of you probably have burnout. But the chances of a girl being open for connection tonight is EXTREMELY strong. And […]

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How To Handle Multiple Girls

A reader writes in, with a particularly juicy dilemma: Hey man, so Im in a pickleI don’t have trouble getting with girls anymore. However I now have trouble handling them. So I moved to Spain and have just wanted to explore (places and women) and definitely not settle down. I started hooking up with this high

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How To Touch A Girl

A reader writes in (abridged): Hey pat a potential email for the brothers learning. This recently came up in a whats app group with friends of mine talking about game the first time you get a date/first outing. One of the dudes absolutely shat the bed with this date subtly imo. He told us everything that

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Gen Z Doomers

A couple of days ago, I got into a little tiff with one of the so-called “zoomers” on Twitter. The zoomers, aka Gen-Z, are an interesting group. Some of them are impressive beyond words – optimistic, brave, and transgressive in spite of all the cultural rot and societal poisoning thrown their way. Others, however, are

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My Mike Pence Transformation

I put it out on the interwebs the other day a little drama that occurred in my broader social circle: Now, before I dive into this, I must defend myself. Someone asked why I didn’t just say off the bat I wasn’t interested. 2 reasons: First, I’m not sure what my troll’s social world is

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