A couple of days ago, I got into a little tiff with one of the so-called “zoomers” on Twitter.

The zoomers, aka Gen-Z, are an interesting group.

Some of them are impressive beyond words – optimistic, brave, and transgressive in spite of all the cultural rot and societal poisoning thrown their way.

Others, however, are more appropriately called “doomers” than zoomers… because they have taken a victim attitude towards the state of society.

They hate “boomers” (in quotes because this is anyone over 25 to them), hate women, hate work.

And most tellingly, themselves.

They think everything is fucked, and don’t want to fix it… they just want to complain about it.

They joke about having mental illnesses, being damaged, having nothing going for them.

They’re “irony bros” – and like the goths of old, hope is “cringe” to them.

Anyway, why do I mention these sad sorts?

Because these guys all have the same problem in common.

A problem that exists across all generations… even if it’s more concentrated among the youth.

They are looking for someone to save them.

Indeed, it’s an issue I often have to address with prospective clients.

You see, some people think coaches are like commodities.

That when you sign up with them, you are getting a solution.

Sit back, relax… problem solved.

Sadly, this ain’t the truth.

Only YOU can surrender to the process. Only YOU can show up to “practice.” Only YOU can put the effort in.

If you’re not willing to do the above… what can I do?

YOU are the one who must transform yourself.

My job is simply to be the catalyst for that transformation.

To make sure it occurs faster, stronger… more cleanly and comprehensively…

I can only provide so much accountability for you. My enthusiasm and energy can only carry you so far.

Which is why I’m more than happy to cut these “doomers” loose.

I learned long ago you cannot save everybody.

Those who have chosen a better life, however, can apply here: www.patstedman.com/application

– Pat