Let’s cut to the chase:

NYE is one of the “big three” each year when it comes to meeting women (along with Halloween and Valentines Day).

Yes, the holiday is overdone. I know a lot of you probably have burnout.

But the chances of a girl being open for connection tonight is EXTREMELY strong.

And so if you were thinking of taking it easy… I would recommend reconsidering.

Remember you don’t have to get shitfaced (or even drink at all) to have a good time.

The “midnight kiss” is one of the fastest ways to escalate with a girl you’ve been vibing with almost effortlessly.

If you’ve been flirting, and the clock strikes 12 – you WILL be making out with her.

It doesn’t get easier than this, and it’s a great way to bring in the new year.

But the question of course is – how do you get there?

Well, I’m going to give you a tip to get started.

Something I mention in depth in my Masterclass.

It’s a little something I learned from my mentor Nick Sparks… and it’s the idea of “throwing words.”

You see, when you go out – especially on a night like tonight – there are going to be a TON of people out there.

Many different groups, people you’re going to run into over and over.

So from the very beginning of the night, if you want to put yourself in the BEST situation possible – you need to start just shooting the shit with ANYONE around you.

Doesn’t have to be engaging conversation. Definitely not deep.

Just say:

“hey, you guys look like fun, love your energy”

“hey ladies, how’s it going?”

“happy new year ladies”

And then just breeze past them.

Now look, a caveat obviously. Don’t do this, and then just stand there. Use some judgement.

But the point is to be friendly and uninvested, just being LOOSE.

Which will get you out of your head and make it easy for you to connect naturally.

And how to connect naturally? To approach, attract, connect, and finally kiss?

Well, all of that is covered in just ONE video of my 18.5+ hour masterclass.

Literally like 30 minutes.

So if you want a full, in depth understanding of “night game”

You can watch that and get yourself AMPED to crush it tonight.

(and maybe have time to check out a bunch of the other tactical videos too)

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– Pat