June 2018

Advanced Mate Guarding

Yesterday we talked about when and how your girl will “jump ship.” Today we’ll talk about how to make sure that essentially will never happen. Let me tell you a story about a friend of mine. He’s a decent looking guy, in shape, has great game… and at the time had a successful, but still […]

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Am I Becoming A Feminist?

Gonna harp a little more on the hypergamy fixation again today. Not, as I’ve repeatedly emphasized, because it’s not true. Because there’s something a lot of people miss when they talk about it. Most consider hypergamy an indication of female amorality. I think you can argue this, fairly. But then you have to also look

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The Promiscuous Priest

Yesterday we talked about sex and enlightenment. Today we’re going to talk about it too. As you know, I think most psychological growth comes from deep, intimate relationships. The reason for that is simple. People you spend time with hold a mirror up to you. And the closer you get to someone, the more they

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Banging Your Way To Nirvana

It seems more and more that the divide in “the sphere” is between cad and trad — those who want to sleep with a lot of girls, and those that want to settle down. Most consider me on the side of the latter. Which makes sense. I’ve taken more than a couple jabs at the “gather-notches”

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A Musician’s Worst Nightmare

I was tagged in an interesting story the other day. Basically, a very talented clarinetist got into his dream school, but his girlfriend — who didn’t want him to go away from her — pretended to be the school and sent him a “rejection” email. Meanwhile, she pretended to be him and sent a rejection to

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The Ruin Of Men

We mentioned briefly yesterday why you can’t trust insecure girls. But we didn’t talk about why guys date them anyway. It all comes back to one of my favorite topics: Girl Game. Men are naturally stronger than women, and have a different role to play in the species. Every man deep down feels the desire to protect.

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The Bad Kind of Authenticity

Yesterday we talked about authenticity, and how many are just play-acting the trait. But even genuine authenticity isn’t the be-all-end all in attraction. Indeed… if it’s not packaged correctly, it can even be a liability. The reason? Authentic people act boring. Now, are they ACTUALLY boring? I don’t know. A lot of people seem boring,

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