Yesterday we talked about authenticity, and how many are just play-acting the trait.

But even genuine authenticity isn’t the be-all-end all in attraction.

Indeed… if it’s not packaged correctly, it can even be a liability.

The reason?

Authentic people act boring.

Now, are they ACTUALLY boring?

I don’t know.

A lot of people seem boring, but many are repressed so it’s tough to really separate the wheat from the chaff.

But that’s not the point.

The point is that authentic people often MAKE themselves boring… by being so obsessed with showing their “true selves.”

You know who they are IMMEDIATELY, because they put it all on the table. All their strengths, weaknesses, stories…

It’s a mistake.

Not only does this make such people easy to take advantage of, since you can anticipate their behavior, but it takes away a girl’s fun.

It’s enjoyable to get to know people.

Why rush it?

Attractive, authentic people don’t lie — but they also don’t give themselves away.

They let people learn about them little by little.

They leave breadcrumbs for their female suitors to follow.

They don’t tell the whole story, they tell a snippet… and leave an “open loop.”

And it makes said women want to learn more.

(Note: This is the distinction between healthy personality and healthy persona. Personality is the “authentic” aspect; the “art” of how it’s revealed is the Persona.)

You can have the best “product” in the world… but present it the wrong way, no one will want it.

To learn how to show your goods right, go here:

– Pat