I was tagged in an interesting story the other day.

Basically, a very talented clarinetist got into his dream school, but his girlfriend — who didn’t want him to go away from her — pretended to be the school and sent him a “rejection” email. Meanwhile, she pretended to be him and sent a rejection to the school.

She did this with a few other schools as well, seriously damaging his career prospects.

Now, don’t get me wrong… I appreciate as much as the next “woke” guy just how bad modern women have become.

There’s no way you can read this story and not think “that’s fucked up.”

But lest you get too sympathetic, remember:

There is a zero percent chance this girl was giving off massive red flags.

He ignored them. And so he paid the price.

Yes, this is a harsh take — especially since he was young, and 99/100 guys are too naive to do any different at that age. But nevertheless true.

I see these kind of stories all the time in “the sphere.”

Guy dates an insecure girl and gets cheated on / deceived.

People get surprised and outraged. They shouldn’t. This shyt is too predictable.

Insecure = untrustworthy.

And the reason for this is simple:

Insecure people don’t like themselves. Even if they put on a veneer, they are needy. Selfish. Have scarcity mindsets. And to live with their bad behavior they rationalize it constantly.

They are pure “biology,” in the worst Darwinian sense. They live in fear.

Understand: This is not necessarily the state of ALL women.

Women are naturally flippant, but the main reason so many suck today is they’re miserable. Culture lied to them about what would make them happy. Many of them didn’t have fathers or grew up in broken homes, which they interpreted as a rejection of themselves.

We’re going to talk about how to read such girls tomorrow, but I want you to internalize something for now.

Dating insecure girls means part of you is insecure.

Insecure girls create constant drama, because the instability inside of them gets projected outwards.

(Note I said constant drama. Every girl creates some drama. Women are like the weather — sometimes calm as a lake, other times as violent as the sea. This is actually why we love them: they are unpredictable; they challenge and heal.)

Ergo, if you stay with a girl who is always taking offense and being upset with you, who needs you around every second — which I guarantee this girl in the story was like — you are telling yourself you don’t deserve better.

So the question really is — why do you think that way? Why are you trying to save girls who treat you badly, and do nothing to improve themselves?

Something vital to consider.

Cause if you don’t… you’ll never have a great relationship with a woman.

And I mean never.

It’s just impossible to attract and keep girls who will respect you when you don’t respect yourself.

If you need help finding out why — and developing the solution — you know where to go: www.patstedman.com/application

– Pat