“Woke Red Pill Twitter: You’d better keep side chicks because your GF that is madly in love with you is going to leave if a billionaire flirts with her at a coffee shop” – @therealrainfall

I love it when a topic I’m going to write about shows up in my timeline. Good inspiration fodder.

There’s an enormous amount of dissonance in “manosphere” circles about why women leave men.

Most chalk it up to the usual suspect: hypergamy. You’re not as attractive, wealthy, or cool as another guy so he’s going to swoop her away.

But this isn’t (always) true, so let’s talk about why.

As you know, there’s biological and psychological attraction.

Great relationships have both. At-risk relationships have one. Dying / dead relationships have none.

So if a girl is psychologically fulfilled and biologically attracted to her guy, it is going to be very difficult for a wealthy man — including a celebrity — to steal her away.

She won’t be mentally “on the market,” so she won’t seriously entertain the notion.

Now, does that mean it CAN’T happen?

Of course not.

Insecure girls lean towards the “golddigger” end of the spectrum. Psychological attraction is suppressed in them. These ones would almost certainly jump.

But even with the secure ones can be poached. It just wouldn’t be easy for said poacher.

In addition to his preselection, he’d have to have serious chemistry with your girl, and then wage a sustained campaign to get her.

Possible, but not easy.

And so unprobable.

(If he did do it, it wouldn’t be for the looks — take that for what consolation it might be)

Understand: All women have the impulse to “branch swing,” but smart ones don’t indulge it until the strength of the next branch has been proven. They really look at the cost-benefits.

So if he’s just trying to hook up, or get some arm candy… she might be confused for a few days, but she ain’t gonna jump.

That’s the power of psychological attraction.

Which brings us to an important realization.

The hottest girls are generally considered a pain in the ass, because they are always under threat of approach from other elite men.

As a guy, life is a lot less stressful when you’re dating a 7-8 versus a 9-10.

Guys tend to date a “point” beneath them for this very reason (and there is no shame in this, there is more to life than mate-guarding).

But you can, indeed, get and keep 9s and 10s… and inoculate them against this problem.

You just have to do two things:

#1: Choose Wisely. This becomes more difficult with the most attractive girls, because you’ll probably cut them more slack than they deserve, AND they are used to identifying with their looks (a superficial value-set).

Fortunately for you, however, this sort of perspective and screening is my speciality.

Just by asking a few questions, I can tell you exactly what’s going on in a girl’s head — where her weak spots are, what she needs from you, and — crucially — whether or not she’s long-term material.

I’ll also let you know where YOUR weak spots are; where she’s manipulating you, and where you’re deceiving yourself.

It’s the kind of coaching few others provide; a comprehensive battle plan of seduction that prepares you for offense and defense.

You can apply here: www.patstedman.com/application

– Pat

PS I haven’t forgotten about #2. We’ll talk about that one tomorrow…