We mentioned briefly yesterday why you can’t trust insecure girls.

But we didn’t talk about why guys date them anyway.

It all comes back to one of my favorite topics: Girl Game.

Men are naturally stronger than women, and have a different role to play in the species.

Every man deep down feels the desire to protect.

Boys associate immediately knights, heroes, soldiers… men who are tough and daring.

(The biggest lie ever told is that these impulses are “cultural.” Boys do this naturally; culture simply muffles or augments this inherent drive.)

And women are one of the prime objects of “protection” such men seek out — hence the “damsel in distress.”

There is not much logical about this. It’s simply nature.

Men have a sacrificial impulse that can be easily manipulated.

All great leaders understand this. Napoleon grasped male psychology so well he was able to spur his soldiers to incredible feats, like 30 hour forced marches on no food, followed by suicidal, frenzied attacks on the enemy.

And though their approach towards the male psyche is different, women are capable of exerting the same.

They are naturally masters of psychological warfare.

And their tools are remarkably simple.

Being desirable and needing saving.

This generates the thread of hope that if a man is good and useful, a woman will sleep with him.

Of course, such expectations are rarely stated. They are often not even conscious.

But this doesn’t stop their effectiveness.

Which is why beautiful, insecure women — particularly the ones who utilize extroverted feeling — are so dangerous.

They are internally weak, and susceptible to flirtations, which makes them untrustworthy.

But they are also massive emotional sinks that can drain men entirely.

They play off the male ego, by being fragile and helpless, and requesting a man to save them.

Few resist.

Indeed — it has been the cause of ruin of many men.

What to do?

Learn to see when you’re engaged with such women, and cut them out entirely.

Which is why I might be valuable to you.

Unlike most “game gurus” I don’t just teach men offense, but defense.

I can read intentions and dynamics easily.

And I can show you how to do the same… all while providing objective, tactical feedback of the scenario.

(Such as how you’re lying to yourself about what’s going on)

The male ego desires to be important, and will cling onto this image even when it’s a lie.

And. women use this virus very much to their advantage.

Work with me to vaccinate it: www.patstedman.com/application

– Pat