May 2017

Do Bad Habits Matter?

The other day I tweeted out a little ditty on the “4 Horsemen of Low Productivity” In case you missed it, they were: – Porn– Social Media Binges– Inflammatory Foods– Bad Sleep Most found it really resonated, got something like 120+ likes… and in my humble opinion, for good reason. Speaking from experience, I’d venture […]

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The $13,000 Lap Dance

Last weekend I went out for my soon-to-be-married friend’s bachelor party. Like most bachelor parties, the plan was drinks, dinner, and then a little “after hours” fun at a strip club. Our goal was to give him a little public humiliation — to have some girls abuse him in front of the crowd. And, of

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Life Lessons From A Pussy

As some of you may know from the “string” incident awhile back, I’ve got a cat. Although I’m tuned into the “young childless couple with an animal” memes, the fact is I love the little guy, even though I would never have gotten him under normal circumstances. (my wife’s a different story: sometimes I think

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No Women Allowed

One of the topics that gets the manosphere more indignant than perhaps anything else is the feminization of men. Day in and day out, if you scroll through familiar posters, the word on the street is about the modern man being filled with “soy;” how emasculated today’s john doe is compared to the more dominant,

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Tactics, Strategy, and Women

TACTICS, STRATEGY, AND WOMEN In 218 BC, Hannibal of Carthage and his army crossed the Alps into Italy. The move brought with it considerable risk. The alps were dangerous territory — the weather was harsh, the passes narrow, and Hannibal’s army (which included elephants) suffered nearly half its force trying to pass through. But militarily,

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The Coming Sex Robot Revolution

Are you worried about getting a girlfriend? Are you afraid you might never get laid? Fear not my friends! Because soon the robot sex revolution will be here! You won’t even need a woman, because you’ll have a super hot “cyberchick” who will fulfill all your needs without any of the drama, complaints, or ‘resistance’ regular ladies

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How To Handle A First Date

HOW TO HANDLE A FIRST DATE If you’re like most people, you’re probably a little burned out of dating. You’ve spent a lot of time and money on “relationships” that never went anywhere… or even if they did, the investment wasn’t worth it. And you’re tired of it. You want to know how to navigate

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