There’s a meme going around about this Psychology Professor in Canada, Jordan Peterson

.<Note: Peterson’s work contains some of the hottest, most enlightening shit out there today. I *highly* recommend you watch his videos on youtube. They will advance your thinking light years. Take them slow, he’s a great storyteller but they’re dense.>

Anyway, one of the things he critiques is the proverbial protestor going out to the streets, “hoping to change the world” and “fix the system”… when many of these people don’t have a job, live with their parents, and can’t even clean their room.

After all, how can you change the world when you can’t even clean your room?

I don’t *fully* agree with Peterson on this, for what it’s worth — yes, one person without self-mastery may not be enough, but a mass of people can be quite effective at taking to the streets and bringing change.

But I’m no pedant and get his point.

Effect change first in the places where you have control.

If you can clean your room, you prove to yourself you can do something — small as it may be. From there you can start to chip away at your surroundings, and then maybe someday when you have your own life together and enough influence, experience, and skill, you can really start to shape the broader world.

Jordan Peterson’s message here is a bit deeper than that, however.It’s ultimately about meaning.

You see, why do people want to go out in the streets and “change the world” anyway?

Because the idea of doing something like that makes them feel valuable.

Like they matter.

But here’s the rub: if your public complaints aren’t effecting anybody’s views (and 99.9% of the time, this is the case), that feeling of “meaning” is deceptive. Because you are not *actually* making any impact, it just feels like it. It’s like getting into a political argument or, hell, simply reading the news.

A distraction.

The only thing that gives real, enduring meaning is responsibility.

It’s one of the reasons why people who feel lost suddenly feel like they matter when they have kids. It’s why helping out those less fortunate makes you feel better.

Because taking responsibility for something shows without a doubt you are making a tangible impact.

So, what’s the lesson here?

In life, embrace as much as you can.

Get scared. Threaten to overwhelm yourself.

I genuinely believe when you’re young and have the energy, it’s better to test your limits and dial back if need be than to leave potential unused.

While most around you will feel dull and dazed, you’ll feel determined.

Because everything you do makes a difference.

Anyway, talk soon.

– Pat

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