Are you worried about getting a girlfriend? Are you afraid you might never get laid?

Fear not my friends! Because soon the robot sex revolution will be here! You won’t even need a woman, because you’ll have a super hot “cyberchick” who will fulfill all your needs without any of the drama, complaints, or ‘resistance’ regular ladies give!

And better yet, when everyone starts sleeping with robots this company will be out of business… so you won’t be getting any more emails from me! 😉

I kid, I kid… I know you’d hate to see me go. But fear not: corporate america will likely program these bots to be just like women… and not simply in their features. 

In fact, if you ask me, sex robots are going to be a BIG moneymaker in our future dystopian world. I fully expect once they reach complete aesthetic and carnal potential, their overlords to program them to exploit these poor, lonely men into endless upsells:

“Don’t you love me? If you do you’ll buy me this product… at Macy’s now for 30% off!”“I’ll only do *that* for you if you take me into the shop for a refurbishing” (*on sale now for only $299.99!*)

“You’re only allowed one ‘session’ per day, you’ll need to upgrade for more! Daily fellatio is only $19.99 per week and reap the rewards TODAY!”

And so on and so forth.

The only question is, could you game these girls instead of enduring the ads? Who knows what AI will bring. Either way, rest assured by hook or by crook I’ll find another outlet for my near-daily virtual rants 😉

But back to the here and now… I do find it interesting how when I posted a picture of an *actual* sex robot, people started coming out of the woodwork with their emotions.

Sure, a few feminists approached the pulpit with all the rage one might expect.

(surprise, surprise… I am toxic and misogynistic, and you guys who listen to me are all losers… clap for originality)

But what was really intriguing was the response from the guys. There was a lot of anger and resentment.

Not that I didn’t feel where a lot of them were coming from. Hell, all you had to do is look at “Joan” on the thread to see exactly why so many guys feel the way they do.

But truth be told it ain’t all that healthy my friends.Gender wars are real, unfortunately… but the irony is you get a lot more *you-know-what* if you don’t feed into the narrative and carry around a bucket full of grievances with you.

Anger is a necessary stage, perhaps, but it’s one you must speed through.

Best to understand how women actually are, and then use that knowledge to enjoy your time with them (and of course, not get fooled by their whims).

Screen for (and then lead) the ones who are worth investment; screw around with the others.

But don’t spend your energy complaining about how things are.Instead, use that power to become something better. Something that attracts what you want.

And then, when you’re there, tell the guys who are seeking what they can do to get there too.

The fact is, the more great men we create, the more success and happiness we manifest. Eventually, people are going to have to start paying attention.

Most of the crazy shit today isn’t even “believed” by most women, they just follow it because most men are pussies and go along with the radicals. If men showed up with self-respect and simply said no to all that crap, boycotting any girl who engaged in it, the whole movement would collapse overnight. And you know what would happen next?

The shit behavior of 90% of women out there would vanish.

Pretty appealing, no?

So, as Gandhi said, just shut up and “be the change you want to see in this world.”

And if you need help making that change?

Talk to me about coaching.

I can’t guarantee it will solve all of your problems… overnight at least. But it will teach you more about yourself than you ever learned before, showing you all the places you’re lying to yourself (and how to stop it)… all while giving you a world class education on gender dynamics and “tactics” so women won’t confuse you ever again.

Many people claim expertise in one of these fields. Some of these actually have it. But almost none have it in both areas like me.

Anyway, up to you. If you’re interested fill out an application.

If you want a hot, sexual, sweet and real woman to come home to at night, might be a good investment.

Otherwise, let me know how things go with those robots.;)


PS My coaching is completely confidential. One of the things I pride myself on is creating a “safe space” without judgment while also sparing none of the truth. I won’t shame you for anything, because the only thing I care about is you becoming better.

PPS I know that Gandhi quote isn’t real, it’s paraphrasing. Don’t ruin my flow!