The other day I tweeted out a little ditty on the “4 Horsemen of Low Productivity”

In case you missed it, they were:

– Porn
– Social Media Binges
– Inflammatory Foods
– Bad Sleep

Most found it really resonated, got something like 120+ likes… and in my humble opinion, for good reason.

Speaking from experience, I’d venture if a guy struggling to get where he wants — be it women or business — he’s having trouble in one of those areas.

It’s certainly at a minimum the 80/20 of self-sabotaging habits.

One guy, however, disagreed.

He noted, eruditely:

“I’m in college and I masturbate to porn daily”

I’m not going to waste time debunking this argument from a logical perspective… though clearly the kid hasn’t taken any formal logic classes.

But two points here.

One is kinda asshole-ish, but I’m going to say it anyway.

College isn’t impressive.

Not anymore, anyway.

It’s certainly not impressive enough to go around bragging about.

Life gets MUCH harder after college. My god if I could go back to those simpler days. Everything is spelled out for you, you just have to show up (actually, even THAT isn’t necessarily true, skipped classes are a norm).

So, hate to pop people’s egos but it ain’t a big deal. You can easily pass college on a daily porn, high-alcohol, shitty sleep, shitty food, and non-stop web scrolling schedule, so long as you set aside 10% of you time to cramming.

(yours truly did this, as I’m sure most readers did too – NO I do not recommend it)


Just because you manage to do well despite a bad habit, it doesn’t mean the habit is a positive.

I have a lot of bad habits, including occasionally (though less and less) some of the ones above. When I indulge, they hold me back.

But I’m still alive, making money and changing lives in spite of it.

The lesson?

We’re about kicking ass and taking names here. So while you should obviously prioritize the biggest “anchors” on your ship, always keep looking for other areas of deadweight you can discard.

Just remember not to beat yourself up along the way.

There will ALWAYS be room to improve.

Take a negative attitude towards your inadequacies, and your well-being suffers.

Which, ironically, only holds you back from real action.

A problem, I know, with many of you champions reading this right now.

FYI: If you’ve got problems with negative self-talk don’t suffer in silence.

I know what’s going on and how to fix it.

Reach out for coaching and we’ll get it handled… so “all” of you is on the same team.

Full speed ahead,

PS You might enjoy this “oldie but a goodie” article I wrote in my early days of the site.