May 2022

Game vs Connection

Yesterday’s email was a hard hitter. And it really makes you wonder — if game lends itself towards validation-seeking, and you want connection instead of validation-seeking… what is the point of game? OK, maybe it helps you to “hook up.” But if you’re not interested in doing that, and you want to move right to […]

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The Truth About Daddy’s Girls

This is going to be an email that falls on a lot of deaf ears. The manosphere indoctrination on this topic is deep; challenging it is likely to trigger many of you. You’ve heard of “momma’s boys,” obviously. And, if you’re a man with any masculine instinct whatsoever, you don’t want to be one —

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Female Vindictiveness

One of the the common scenarios I deal with in my practice is divorce. Guys come to me either too late in their marriage — they have “terminal relationship cancer” — and there is nothing to do but prepare them for the “afterlife.” Or, they come to me as it’s happening or just after, looking

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Can You Date Too Much?

Saw something amusing on the timeline this morning: I know everybody’s eyes are probably wide right now thinking about the number of sexual partners this woman just added to her roster in a short amount of time. However I’m actually going to go a little easy on her. Because while I’d be naive to suggest none

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How Should You Approach A Woman?

One of the most intimidating aspects of meeting women for guys is the dreaded “approach.” It’s awkward. It’s uncomfortable. And worst yet… as a stranger, the chances of rejection are fairly high. Much of the classic “game” literature has thus encouraged guys to approach in a more indirect way. To pretend your objectives are NOT

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