The masterful Niels (who will be on my YouTube channel in the coming weeks) fired some shots yesterday morning:

I appreciate these sort of takedowns because manosphere stupidity needs to be checked time to time. There are far too many sock-puppet accounts with a picture of Casanova or some slut that post dog-shit takes pandering to extremes.

A lot of guys rightly grasp that modern degenerate culture has ruined a lot of women. And so it is understandable that they don’t necessarily want to wife up a “party girl” who has (presumably) been ran through by a bunch of strangers over the years. Aside from the lack of appeal of such a woman viscerally, they also infer risks — these women are perhaps “alpha widowed” by men they’ve experienced and are unreliable partners.

I’ve issued caveats on these topics numerous times before, and so I won’t go into it in detail again. Casual sex may affect pair bonding as it creates emotional dissociation in intimacy, but women are not “alpha widowed” by it. And there is a huge difference between being an average girl who went to a club a few times over the years mostly to dance with friends (maybe once or twice she went home with a guy!) and being the girl who’s there regularly to get smashed.

But putting all of this aside and assuming it’s true girls who’ve been to clubs are inevitably damaged, the real conversation here isn’t about clubs. I’m sure this guy has similar reservations about girls who have been to college too. There is always a further purity test you can apply to modern women to dismiss them.

The main issue is guys somehow think that their quality-problems with women will be solved if they can get a girl who has been sufficiently sheltered. I can tell you this is patently false.

One of the big memes in the manosphere for years has been this idea of bringing home a “foreign wife” who is uncorrupted by western culture. The only problem? Once you expose these naive women to western culture they get corrupted.

Perhaps they truly were just good girls who knew little outside their village in Russia or the Philippines — maybe all they wanted was a simple life with kids and a husband who provided.

But bring them here and they start getting ideas.

Guys learned the hard way the only way to keep these women in a state of purity was to move to where they were. You were the one who had to leave. You had to keep her around her support networks, and integrate into a culture that was less exposed to the rot. But even then, nothing was certain.

So what does that mean? Give our culture, is it simply impossible to get a good girl these days?

The answer is actually yes and no.

It’s YES in the sense that people — and women particularly — are products of society. And so there is no way actually for women to truly escape this programming. Even the women in “good countries” have been exposed to feminism. Unless civilization is wiped out you are not “going back” to a world without its influence.

But the answer is NO in a bigger sense, because this obsession with sheltering approaches the problem from the wrong direction anyway. Indeed, in the current environment the absolute worst thing you can do is marry a sheltered woman.

You might be shocked to hear this, but it’s actually quite simple. And I will use an analogy to present it.

Assume there is a potentially deadly contagion everywhere, that kills some people but is mild to others (apropos, I know). It’s not going away. If you go outside, you are going to be exposed to it. So which would you prefer to do?

— Stay inside your house all day and never leave, avoid everybody forever

— Build up your immune system and go outside, risking getting sick (and maybe dying!)

If you chose the former then you will not have a life. You are living in fear. But the worst thing is, in spite of all of this: you will probably you will get sick anyway. Because maybe you have to leave the house to get food or some item, and then you’re exposed to the sickness. But because you’ve been sheltered you don’t have an immune system. And so rather than get a mild cold, you die.

If you choose the latter, however, there is some risk… but if you go in with eyes open, if you’re healthy and take the proper precautions, you are unlikely to get very ill. You will almost certainly survive the disease and develop antibodies.

So it is with psychological warfare.

The simple fact is your women — and yes, your children — WILL BE EXPOSED TO MODERN CULTURE. You are not able to prevent this, and you are a fool for trying.

What you want is a woman who can see the mind virus for what it is. Ideally someone who had it explained to them; it wasn’t hidden or lied about, and they came away inoculated and uninterested.

But perhaps it didn’t go so smoothly, and that person had to experience it a bit themselves to truly understand.

This is OK. This is natural. These women aren’t trash since they caught the fever; indeed, they are the only women you can truly trust. Because they have the antibodies now: they get it.

The only question for you is… do you really get it yourself?

A lot of you — frankly speaking — are ignorant when it comes to women. You do not know how to read them. Which is why you jump to extremes for safety; you use arbitrary rules to supplant your lack of judgment.

Unfortunately, your lack of discernment comes with a cost. It is almost inevitable your will assume a girl is “good” because she talks the talk, yet you are unable to see the darkness or immaturity in her soul. You will get blindsided when turns away.

Indeed, I am sure this has already happened to many of you.

But there is a way to proceed that minimizes the pain. That mitigates the consequences.

There is a way to protect yourself.

Working with me.

At this point in my career I have a near perfect rate of being able to assess a woman’s behavior, and what it says about who she *really* is.

So whether you are looking to get back out there, and want someone to help you navigate the dating minefield…

Or whether you need me to give objective counsel on your current relationship to determine what’s really going on, and what the odds are of success with this woman…

I am here for you, as your guardian angel and guide.

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– Pat