May 2021

Self-Improvement or Self-Love?

I put out a tweet the other day that was met with a very mixed response: Not surprising tbh, even though this is hardly the first time I’ve talked about “the issues of self-improvement” Many guys get “triggered” by attacks on this topic, as it’s very dear to them. You might even say for most […]

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Why Women Nag

Short but sweet email for you on this Monday. But I wanted to get this material on nagging out… because I think it’s a topic most men don’t really get. Understandably, 100% of guys hate it. It is probably one of the most annoying things a woman can possibly do in a relationship. It is

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The Dark Side of Trad

Short email only for you lads today. But I wanted to talk about something that happens *all the time* with women. Something you will need to deal with if you hope to maintain “frame” in a relationship (or whatever it is you have). What is that something? A woman’s propensity to blame YOU for exactly

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Why I Defend Creepy Men

The title should say it on its own, but going to issue a trigger warning for today’s email for ladies. But I’m about to go nuclear on something. There’s been a video going around about some girl who was approached by a “creep” while she was doing her livestream. Now… seeing a bunch of white

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What’s In A Soulmate?

Some guy tweeted something very strange the other day, that I felt compelled to respond to: Pretty straightforward, right? If you aren’t attracted to someone, they aren’t your soulmate. Because (outside of the UK/Australia, ha) your MATE is someone you sleep with. And why would you be sleeping with someone you weren’t attracted to? So

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Your World

The following is a guest post from my dear, elusive friend Hutt. Many of you may remember him. —– You aren’t meeting the right people because they don’t exist – for you  The level of self-awareness you have, the extent to which you manage your emotions and the development level of your communication skills, all

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