The title should say it on its own, but going to issue a trigger warning for today’s email for ladies.

But I’m about to go nuclear on something.

There’s been a video going around about some girl who was approached by a “creep” while she was doing her livestream.

Now… seeing a bunch of white knights and mentally ill people back this up is par for the course for Twitter. But I admit I was a little surprised that some even in our own corner of the internet fell for the same bullshit.

First, I will be kind and say this. I understand she’s young, and yes — you can see she is uncomfortable in the video. She doesn’t know what to do.

But here’s the thing…

So what?

I could go into the fact that she was STARING at him and unconsciously touching herself, which doesn’t give someone a clear sense you’re done with them.

I could make the very salient point that attraction ALWAYS creates discomfort and nervousness, and that the “rush” she felt might have been interpreted differently if she was more emotionally stable.

But I don’t have to make these points.


She is an adult. She is in a public space. And a guy simply approached her to see if she was interested in interacting, and left within a minute when he found out she was not.

Even if it turned out she was 16 or 17, this would not have been a big deal. HE LEFT.

He is not a creep.

A lot of women seem to have this sense in their mind that if a girl is 18 then she’s, well, “too young” and any guy over 20 shouldn’t be talking to her (assuming this guy even was).

Let me try to put some stuff in perspective here.

Millions of 18 year old girls are currently running webcams where they dildo themselves for cash. This is totally legal and actually at this point in this collapsing society, accepted and tacitly encouraged.

Every year hundreds of thousands of 18 year old girls leave home for college and within their first 2 weeks of orientation, at least a quarter of these will have sex with complete strangers.

The problem in the video isn’t that she’s “too young.” It’s actually that SO FEW guys these days have the capacity to approach women, and SO MANY women are emotionally fragile and victimized, that basic interaction between men and women has become “weird” and socially criminalized.

A girl who lives online and identifies as “bi” is afraid of a guy trying to start a conversation with her. She is so traumatized by a natural experience that has occurred SINCE THE DAWN OF HUMANITY that she needs to use the internet for sympathy.

What is WRONG with people that they rush to defend her? Have we really fallen that far into absurdity?

The reason this angers me so much is because of my profession.

I help guys to meet women and improve their relationships with women. I help men meet, attract, and keep the girls they desire.

Probably the BIGGEST problem I have to deal with is that many guys are absolutely terrified of approaching women. And they’re terrified of it, because of mind poison like the above.

They don’t want to be a creep. They just want to meet women. But they CAN’T because if she “feels weird” then they are automatically labeled a potential sexual predator.

They can’t make a mistake.

And so the freeze, and retreat away from women all together.


Men need to be able to test themselves out. They need trial and error with their sexuality to discover “where the line is.”

And guess what?

Women need it too. They can’t figure out their own boundaries without it, or how to deal with men without it. Without it, they become IMMATURE BRATS like the girl in the video, crying to whatever “authority” they can for protection.

Look at this scene — filmed less than 40 years ago — and tell me just how foreign it feels. Even though this was once NORMAL EVERYWHERE.

That this would be considered grounds for expulsion and “mandatory reprogramming classes” today is a product of the current propaganda regime. 

Indeed, many of you have been so psyopped yourselves that you defend it with “well, he could have done X differently…”

OF COURSE he could. But is it a crime to not be perfect?

Where is the compassion for the man, who actually has to work up the courage to start the interaction?

Men are made, not born, and calibration comes with time. We need to give them the opportunity to grow — without guilt or shame.

Anyway, the point’s been made I think.

If you’re a man who struggles with any of the above?

There is good news.

You can work with me.

I will not simply show you what to do…

I will help you find your courage.

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– Pat

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