February 2022

The End of the Beginning

Important housekeeping email for you guys today. Because there are a couple of large changes coming here in the next few days and months. **Skip to the end if you want the big announcement only** — Those who have followed me for a long time, might know that I have been “playing the game on

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Women, Wealth, And Orgasms

A few weeks back an interesting chart crossed the feed on Twitter: The data on the richest cohort of course makes perfect sense — women love powerful men, and money offers power. But women also “cumming” as much with the upper middle class as with poor guys? What gives? After a second of thinking about

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So You Proposed To A Cam Girl

Another little bit of drama appeared on the timeline recently. A fairly large account, Achilles, announced he was proposing to another e-girl on Twitter. Who after some digging by anons, it turns out, was a former Cam Girl and single mother. The response to this in manosphere twitter was nothing short of predictable. He was

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Nick P

“For the longest time, I’ve found myself being able to get girls but doing so superficially. I knew I wanted to understand women on a much deeper level and after consuming the majority of his blog, I knew Pat was the real deal. He helped me much more than just understand women but held a

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Jake V

“Working with Pat was a great experience. Pat has a very good understanding of social dynamics, and has suggestions and insights that go much deeper than the surface – but doesn’t neglect surface-level items either. Working with him, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the right mindset and tools to attract women

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