February 2022


“In a world of toxic people and bad dating advice, Pat Stedman helped me crack the hardest challenge I’ve ever faced and through some of the toughest times to find my true north. It’s easy to get lost in this world, looking for love, a life partner, and finding your way. I went through some […]

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“I was lucky enough to discover Pat in my 30’s via Twitter after reading some of his insights. I was drawn to his work and the depth to which he understood, and could explain nuanced and complex relationship issues. I had never struggled to meet or date great women but had come to realize that

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The Trait That Transcends Game

An interesting thread cropped up recently by Aella. For those who don’t know her, Aella is an interesting character, and a testament to how you can succeed in any industry with hard work and intelligence. She’s a “cam girl” — but while pretty, she’s no bombshell. And yet she’s apparently one of the most well paid out there.

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Sex, Masturbation, And Energy

Short and sweet email today. But want to address a “popular fad” this side of Twitter — not simply no fap, but no ejaculation. First of all, I want to emphasize I think it’s great guys are experimenting with this. It’s healthy to get in touch with your own sexual energy, and learn restraint. However,

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