“I was lucky enough to discover Pat in my 30’s via Twitter after reading some of his insights. I was drawn to his work and the depth to which he understood, and could explain nuanced and complex relationship issues. I had never struggled to meet or date great women but had come to realize that similar patterns and dynamics were occurring time and again in my relationships and that these would hold me back from identifying (and staying with) the right woman if I didn’t get to the bottom of things. I realized that without conscious effort and a commitment to working out some of the patterns I had identified, I would be unlikely to attract, develop, and stay in the loving and aligned relationship I had always dreamed of. Pat’s approach was illuminating and transformative – from the initial call, which helped me to understand my dating history and some of the patterns and beliefs that were unconsciously guiding me, to his ongoing coaching, which is an amazing real-time feedback mechanism as you work to improve yourself and your relationships, to his master class, which includes invaluable insights for any man looking to grow personally, socially, in his relationship with women, and most importantly, in his relationship with himself. After working with Pat, my approach to dating and relationships became far more in sync with my own personality and purpose. I met a great woman within a matter of months and built a relationship with her in a more effortlessly aligned manner than ever before.” “Highly recommended if you feel yourself being called to do the work! Cheers to Pat.”