May 2019

“Filter Coffee, Not People”

I saw a girl carrying a bag with this description on my way to the cafe this morning. You see a lot of such things in NYC. “No judgment” “Accept everyone” “Hate has no home here” Dangerous things to write, if you ask me. Not because I support “hate” or being mean to people (whatever). […]

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The Best Date Idea

Now, before we go into the meat… a caveat. I am a cautious person with my time, and so even though what I’m about to tell you is an excellent date idea… I don’t per se recommend it as a first date. Reason being: first dates, especially when you don’t yet know the person, are

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Dinosaur Dating Advice

So I had weird dream last night that I was being chased by a dinosaur. I was hiding under a rock in some cave. But wherever I went it seemed to sniff me out, get close… even though it never quite caught me. Eventually this chase took me to my childhood home, where I ran

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Why A Woman Won’t Follow You

It’s been much commented on that women today don’t know how to follow or surrender to men. Generally, there are two opinions on why this is. First is that women today have been programmed to be feminazis and associate such things with weakness instead of being naturally in tune with their femininity. Second is that

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What I Got Wrong About Dating

Believe it or not, Pat Stedman isn’t always correct about dating. For instance, it occurred to me last week that something I had taken for granted as true was in fact a mixed bag. What’s this something, you ask? The idea that big cities are always a better place to meet people. Now, to be fair to

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The Incel “Myth”

A good friend of mine sent me an article the other day. One which I very much enjoyed reading… though it didn’t surprise me much. The gist? The idea that “80% of women are sleeping with 20% of guys” is garbage. Now, I don’t know how this idea got so much traction. All you have to

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