So I had weird dream last night that I was being chased by a dinosaur.

I was hiding under a rock in some cave. But wherever I went it seemed to sniff me out, get close… even though it never quite caught me.

Eventually this chase took me to my childhood home, where I ran in the side door as fast as I could.

Only to be told by parents to “chill out.”

I told them we had to hide, a dinosaur was outside.

There isn’t a dinosaur they said.

I’m “making it up.” It’s in my mind.

And as if to show me, my father went outside where the Tyrannosaurus Rex was lurking, and allowed it to “bite” him.

True to his word, nothing happened. The dinosaur disappeared, and it was almost as if he was being attacked by nothing at all.

A strange story, no?

Well, not so much for the inevitable number of dream-analysts on this list.

Vivid dreams are your subconscious trying to communicate with your conscious mind about an issue.

And being chased by a monster is usually a sign you’re avoiding something… something that is catching up to you.

I’ll spare you the details of what that is.

(I already know… and the ending of the dream indicates it’s less of a problem than I’ve made it out to be)

But I mention it because I see a similar sort of avoidance very often with men.

Particularly the so-called “alphas.”

You see… these “alphas” used to be anxious guys, overly attached and needy towards women.

They were “blue pill.”

But they got burned doing this. So they decided to adopt the role of the women who rejected them… by withholding attention, trying to get chased, and rejecting commitment.

They became “red pill.”

Only problem?

They didn’t transcend anything, they didn’t become “men,” and they didn’t eliminate their deep-seeded need.

They just transmuted how it expressed itself.

Now, was this progress? Perhaps — I’d even concede probably.

But it wasn’t the end of the road.

You can tell, because these guys remain obsessed with how women interact with and perceive them.

So though they act masculine on the surface, underneath they are feminine like women — desperate to curry the opposite sex’s desire.

Fascinating, isn’t it.

Except it becomes less interesting when you’re living in that world, dissatisfied and dependent on female validation to go about your day.

It’s a world of lonely hedonism at best; desperation and frustration at worst.

How to change it?

You need to transform your way of thinking.

You need to not only bury the anxiety but the avoidance… and embrace acceptance.

And the best way to do that?

When you’re lost in this pain paradigm, surrounded by others operating on this diminished level?

Seek the counsel of someone who is not.

Someone who has gone through neediness… and then the game-playing… and then entered a different, calmer plane unlike the others.

Someone like me.

Wherever you are, I’ve almost certainly been.

I can show you the way out.

Apply here:

– Pat