Now, before we go into the meat… a caveat.

I am a cautious person with my time, and so even though what I’m about to tell you is an excellent date idea… I don’t per se recommend it as a first date.

Reason being: first dates, especially when you don’t yet know the person, are designed to test basic compatibility.

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Drinks, coffee, ice cream and a walk in the park… these are low time and $ investments.

Moreover, what I’m about to suggest will have a higher flake rate on first dates.

But for second dates and beyond?

Highly recommended.I am talking about taking her on a trip someplace beyond her comfort zone.

Camping, hiking, a drive to a random town…

You can either not know the place or know it.

But taking her, ideally in your car, and driving someplace she doesn’t much know…

This is almost guaranteed “romance.”

Now, this idea is neither new nor theoretical.

Think back to the 50s… girl gets in a guy’s car and they go for a “drive.”

Or Mel Gibson in Braveheart, abducting his childhood sweetheart on a horse, riding off into the countryside only he knows…

Indeed, pretty much every movie with a masculine protagonist does something like this for his love interest at some point in the film.And there’s a good reason why.

When you take a girl outside of her “known area,” you are channeling a masculine dynamic with her that naturally will make her more feminine and submissive.

Understand: men are made in the free range, in open space… in places where they can test themselves.

It’s why, generally, the most healthy masculine men are born in the countryside, followed by unhealthy masculine in the inner city (high stress environment)… while the weak “soy boys” tend to propagate in the sterile suburbs.

So when you take a girl on a date to someplace she doesn’t know, you’re basically evincing a dynamic that’s been known since time memorial… you, the man, are taking her from the safety of her “home” into the unknown.

You are tested in the wild, and she is not.

Now of course… there’s an implicit point here to be underlined.You better know what you’re doing.

Nothing will make a girl trust you less than taking her someplace and then bungling the whole date.

So the more “at home” you feel in this wild place, the better it will be for her.

But do this right…

And she will both trust you and desire you.

Which is about all you need for her to hook up with you.

Should give you some food for thought.

But if you need help getting specific… and setting up your life so having girls to take on said dates is easy…

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– Pat