It’s been much commented on that women today don’t know how to follow or surrender to men.

Generally, there are two opinions on why this is.

First is that women today have been programmed to be feminazis and associate such things with weakness instead of being naturally in tune with their femininity.

Second is that men today are weak and not really worthy of being followed by women.

Truth is both are right, in their own ways.

Most women have trouble being good girlfriends, and most men have trouble being good boyfriends.

A recipe, in other words, for relationship dissatisfaction.

So what to do?

Well first off… understand that women aren’t really happy in this state of non-surrender.

(If they were, these women wouldn’t have so many demands… which they inevitably do)

But it’s important that we as men use nuance when assessing why a woman is the way she is.

While some of these women are paper tigers, weak all around… clinging to guys, needing this or that from them.

Others are in fact strong… but struggle with their emotions.

These women aren’t the standard “anxious” type, but lean more towards being “avoidant.”

They are afraid of getting too close or submitting to a guy because they’re afraid of being weak… and they associate such surrender with weakness.

These women generally trust their man, but not fully. Because they are trying to protect themselves.

Should you date these women? And if so, how?

As always, it’s your choice. Finding a woman with self-esteem who loves men and is ready to surrender to a good one is always ideal.

But these “hard” women can also make very good partners since they tend to be reliable… as they don’t “need” men and aren’t so easily seduced by a man’s attention.

(Not that they don’t need it, of course — all women do)

You just need to crack their shell.

Get into the soft, gooey, loving core.

And you can do it by not only showing your own strength and reliability as a man… but by showing her that soft, gooey core exists… and that you want to see it.


These women don’t trust their feminine side to give them anything. They don’t reject it because they hate it… they are just afraid of getting hurt if they reveal it.

Usually these women were betrayed by a man they loved in the past (usually their father or an ex).

Healing these women takes love and patience.

But, the rewards can be substantial… since you won’t ever get a girl who is more “ride or die” than these.

At any rate, this isn’t a recommendation.

Go for the girls without trauma if you can.

But remember no one is perfect… and weak girls (including those who are feminine) are a lot more dangerous to commit to than strong ones who are a little more disconnected from it.

(Weak people always betray you)

Anyway, to learn how to discern the nature of these types of women… and if/how you can win their hearts…

Work with me.

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– Pat