This was an offensive observation I made on a recent client call. One that some of you won’t like, and others of you will think makes perfect sense… even if it didn’t occur to you.

But it’s something you can use off the bat to gauge whether or not a woman is likely going to be relationship material.

(Or at least, some food for thought)

Now, before we begin… remember the importance of judging a person by who they spend time with.

If a woman hangs out with thot friends, there’s a good chance she’s a thot… or at the very least shares their flippancy and instability when it comes to men.

But there’s another group that generally bodes ill for a woman’s long term material:

The number of close gay friends in their life.

Look, I don’t give a shit if someone’s gay.

And I don’t give a shit if you or a girl has a gay friend.

I have them too.(One is particularly close to me)

But girls who spend a disproportionate amount of time around gay guys are much more likely to be promiscuous and create all sorts of drama.

I know — I’m a dick, give me shit for this controversial observation. Call me all the usual names…

But you’re on this list presumably because you’re interested in being challenged in what you think.

And I can tell you from observation: mostgay guys encourage their girlfriends to be sleep around.

Moreover, they’re rarely enthusiastic about their girlfriend getting into a serious relationship… because they rarely are themselves (at least exclusive ones).

I know, gay guys get married… but while the rate of polyamory among married straight couples is under 5%, with gay guys it’s around 30%.

They simply encourage women to enjoy a no-strings-attached, do-what-you-feel yolo lifestyle.

Now, are all gay guys like this?


I’d like to think gay guys are defined by more than just being gay.

But in the big city, you’d be a liar to deny there is a certain persona a significant number of gay guys adopt that is more or less degeneracy as a way-of-life.

These people aren’t simply gay sexually, they are gay as an identity… which means a whole host of other lifestyle choices.

So be aware.

For many women they’re the “devil on their shoulder”… which can be good, in that gay guys will encourage their female friends to open more sexually in the bedroom… but has its pitfalls when the girl is single.

Anyway, if you’re looking for more thought-crime that will level up your awareness… apply to work with me here:

– Pat