September 2018

The 2 Types of Friendzones

Caught up with an old pal the other week and I was interested to hear a little update in his romantic life. So my friend has been close to this girl for years. She’s a sweet girl, and attractive. Early on he liked her. But though they flirted a bit, in the end she’d always […]

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The #2 Element of Effective Dating

Yesterday we talked about curiosity and its importance in avoiding transactional dating. But a lot of guys with good game know to approach women with curiosity. And it doesn’t necessarily ensure an interaction isn’t going to go a superficial route, where the girl is flaking and behaving poorly. Which is why element numero dos is

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Intuitive Approaching

One of my clients today listening to my talk at the Men of Character Conference, and was asking me about some inferences I made about “intuitively” approaching women. This guy noticed something insightful. Something I didn’t even fully realize I was doing. (It’s reasons like this that I love coaching, by the way. My clients

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The Hookup Paradox

One common gripe men to have, especially when they enter “the sphere,” is the idea that a woman will sleep with some guys immediately, while “waiting” for guys she actually wants to date seriously. (Commonly referred to as “alpha fux, beta bux”) I am very sympathetic to this complaint. It’s kind of fucked up that

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The ENTP Personality

This email has been requested for awhile, so as promised here it is. But I will WARN you, this is for people who want to understand personality, which is not fluff… this requires mental effort, so don’t read it if you’re looking for a quick easy read. As many of you know I’m an ENTP.

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