This email has been requested for awhile, so as promised here it is. But I will WARN you, this is for people who want to understand personality, which is not fluff… this requires mental effort, so don’t read it if you’re looking for a quick easy read.

As many of you know I’m an ENTP. This is composed of 4 conscious functions, in diminishing importance:

– Ne (extroverted intuition)
– Ti (introverted thinking)
– Fe (extroverted feeling)
– Si (introverted sensing)

Which means I’m a bit like Santa Clause when it comes to navigating the environment and figuring out things.

For instance:

I have a list of ideas (Extroverted intuition).

I check it twice (Introverted sensing)

And try to find out which ones are naughty (stupid) or nice (smart) (Introverted thinking).

And then, of course, I figure out the best way to “wrap them up” and “present” them (Extroverted feeling).

This makes me adept at giving you juicy insights about the world of women.

But it also makes me adept at navigating social surroundings.

And a natural with seducing women.

(Artful Adam himself has said: Casanova was an ENTP).

But despite this natural acuity for social navigation, ENTPs often struggle with the fairer sex… at least at first.Indeed, a full third of my clients compose the type.

(Which makes sense: ENTPs are obsessed with self-improvement, and we tend to gravitate towards mentors who are similar but at a different stage)

But the question is why such a natural lover would have any incubation period.

The answer is the development of the type.

ENTP starts out as just Ne at first. Free spirited, explorative, and curious.

Then as he hits pre-puberty, he starts to bring into the picture Ti. This makes him a more rigorous thinker. Suddenly his ideas need to be assessed and weighed.

This makes ENTPs more nerdy, introverted, and argumentative.

Aka, not exactly the best skills to attract women.

But Ne is very clever, and they’re interesting to be around. And Ti allows them to read social cues.

So at it’s best, the NeTi combination allows ENTPs to figure out exactly how to respond in social situations.

Unfortunately, this foreknowledge also carries with it the risk of overanalyzes and self-consciousness. Which is why many ENTPs seek out help.

And this starts to occur particularly in their 20s, when Fe development comes into the picture… and they start caring a lot about how other people perceive them. They want to be liked, they want to be loved… it’s no surprise they begin to put a lot of focus on women.

Now, I don’t want to go too much further into this. I save this work for my clients, who I guide through this crucial yet difficult period… when a whole new side of their personality comes out.

But I will say this.

The big struggle for each type isn’t the development of tertiary (in the case of the ENTP, Fe), but the development of inferior (for ENTPs, Si).

Si is grounded in what is real, what was real, tradition, habits, routine, the body… the safe and the stable; the tangible.

Ne, the dominant, is grounded in the possible, the potential, the spontaneous, the ethereal… the risky and the novel; the intangible.

Which is why life can be very difficult and depressing for ENTPs. They are children of chaos.

Which is fine, in moderation. But as a lifestyle… the lack of consistency and grounding kills them.

Often, literally.

(ENTP is a high suicide risk type)

So it’s very important as an ENTP you understand that you have to allow room for stability in your life. That you can’t just always be random and impulsive.

It’s not a coincidence that 10% of ENTPs run the world while the other 90% languish in poverty and mental illness.

ENTPs have the rare capacity for greatness. But more often their frivilousness makes them useless.

Anyway, intense email.

But if you’re an ENTP and you want help sorting out your life.

You know where to go:

Few understand how to manage this viscerally like I do…

– Pat