March 2019

Feminist Allies?

So, as you know from being on this list, I try to take a kind but hyper-realistic view of male and female nature. Something which is increasingly at odds with the idealistic mainstream. Often, it can seem pretty isolating… just a few guys against the world. But you might be surprised to learn, even in

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Am I Mean To Men?

As many of you saw, the last two days have been a bit of a clusterfuck on twitter. Red Pill guys have been coming out of the woodworks to express indignation at my apparent lack of sympathy for the myriad men who have been fucked over by women. Look: it’s not that I don’t have

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I Ruined A Girl’s Day…

So I was at the cafe today, writing your next big blog post… when something happened that made me smile. A pretty girl began giving me some eye contact. Now, unfortunately for this girl… I’m married. (Moreover she did not compose herself in a very feminine way, so I wasn’t attracted — big mistake on

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Why Deservedness Beats Discipline

So yesterday I put out a very important tweet that got very little engagement: “Deservedness > Discipline” I think it got like 3 likes or something — pretty shit for an almost 11K account. Honestly though I wasn’t all that surprised. It was a very unclear tweet (partially by design)… and everyone knows el mano-sphere

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