So, as you know from being on this list, I try to take a kind but hyper-realistic view of male and female nature.

Something which is increasingly at odds with the idealistic mainstream.

Often, it can seem pretty isolating… just a few guys against the world.

But you might be surprised to learn, even in the big city there are plenty of women who hate feminist dogma and are more “traditional” in their leanings.

I appreciate these women.

And yet… there is something very ironic about most of them, especially compared to their liberal alternatives.

They are masculine.

They don’t like feminism because the don’t like victim talk, and they’re more logical in nature.

They value strength and men who have it.

Yet, they are not generally the yin to these guys yang.

And so they often struggle to get the men they idolize.


While degenerate thottery is relatively common in NYC, most of the “liberal” women are actually pretty normal.

They tend to wait for a man to take the lead, they are sensitive and impulsive, and while they have careers… they’re attracted to high-status guys and are not too concerned about letting him be the breadwinner after kids enter the picture.

It’s an interesting juxtaposition.

The aggressive, masculine, truly independent women are conservative.

And the passive, feminine, faux-independent women are liberal.

Why you might ask?

Two reasons.

The first: people who possess a trait tend to idealize its opposite (especially since our programming facilitates this). Feminine women are told they should be more masculine, so even if they don’t adopt all masculine traits in practice, they promote it in other women — that’s how you “fit in.”

The second: Masculine women, in contrast, are already independent — they don’t fetishize being as culture tells them. Moreover they tend to understand and appreciate men more since they are like them. These girls were usually “one of the guys” growing up… they enjoy men, and try to attract them by “relating” to them, rather than polarizing them.

So you have it that many feminists don’t act feminist in practice, and many anti-feminists embody feminism.

Which should you choose?

Well, neither, if you can swing it.

(Best to get a feminine girl who aligns with your values)

But if you had to pick between these two types, you’ll have to take it in context.

Understand: if you have a strong frame and your shit together, you will gradually pull a girl along to your views.

So a prog girl who knows what you think and dates you anyway… she will start to move to your positions, since unconsciously her main objective is to gain your approval.

So long as that is important to her, she’ll gradually soften her views and change.

The ones who live and die by their feminist views though… their identity is embedded in it, and they’re not going to evolve.

Similarly, you can take a more “masculine” woman who shares your views, and turn her more feminine in time… so long as she has the will and self-awareness to go that direction.

You have shared values, and you can help unravel her dissonance by pointing out discrepancies between what she believes and how she acts… she’ll never be docile, but she’ll be a strong woman in your corner.

But if these women lack self-awareness and are too stubborn?

Doesn’t matter if they’re “based and red pilled” — they’ll never be good partners.

(Can you imagine dating Ann Coulter?)


As usual, context and nuance.

You can’t date a woman just on what she believes, you need to see how she acts. And vice versa.

Assess the whole package.

But unfortunately, when we like a girl we tend to miss these things.

We rationalize our way into bad relationships… and miss cues.

The only way to stop this?

The only way to choose better?

Objective advice and guidance from an expert. Such as me.

Choosing a woman is one of the most important things you will ever do in your life. While you will have good and bad with any girl, this determines the upper and lower threshold of your love life.

And if we’re being honest, your life overall.

Because nearly every great man has had a dedicated woman who PROVIDES rather than steals energy in his corner.

And countless men have lost the ability to do good things because they chose poorly… and hitched themselves to a woman who depleted their spirit.


If you want to get this right from the start… or push your current relationship to the top of its potential…

Fill this out:

Those half-assing their lives need not apply.

– Pat