Some dumb thot on Twitter tweeted this out the other day, to much amusement:

For those who don’t want to read through it… the gist is this guy made a girl wait like 30 minutes on a date, played on his phone, insulted the waitress, and then after she took him home… didn’t give her any foreplay and “finished” like 4 minutes after sticking it in.

We know all this, of course, because she told the guy the date was terrible and she wouldn’t see him again unless he was willing to take some criticism about the date.

So she wrote the above to him… and posted it online, captioning with the title of this email.

Now, a lot to unpack here.

But the most relevant one is a favorite topic of mine, which I haven’t discussed in awhile.


Look, this girl might love to tell herself that she’s “destroying this male ego.”

But we all know instinctively this isn’t true.

She’s quite pathetic really.

This guy treated her like crap, didn’t care at all about her… and yet she still took him home and slept with him.

Moreover, she’s still willing to see him again… “so long as he is open to criticism.”

And said criticism is like a 3 page long text about how she hurt her feelings.

Would a woman do any of this unless she was interested?

Women don’t sleep with men, try to persuade them, write them long essays about their feelings unless they’re interested.

As @FWplayboy said, “this is the sound of a woman falling in love.”

But I think many of you are well aware of this at this point.

Women are silly.

I’m more interested in the guy’s response.

Which she posted afterwords, and was quite pathetic.

In a nutshell: he tried to explain himself, apologized for the things he did wrong… and not in a throwaway sense, but in an effusive sense.

Which was a mistake if he wanted to hook up with her again… because it ceded an enormous amount of frame to her, enough that she might not even want to see him again.

He stupidly allowed her to resolve her dissonance in the direction of being a “badass bitch” who “puts men in their place”… instead of a thot who slept with a guy night of who treated her like crap.

Which leads us to the takeaway here.

Treat women as they want to be treated… but understand that not all women want to be treated well.

I personally would have taken one look at this woman and avoided her at all costs.

Not only because I don’t find her remotely attractive.

But because I don’t like to treat women poorly to sleep with them.

And this woman more or less demanded it.

She didn’t have any self-respect, and so she was only attracted to men who treated her accordingly.

Indeed, it’s a reason I like @AshPariseau’s work with women.

It might sound like “feminist” stuff on the surface.

But really, all she’s encouraging women to do is have self-respect in dating.

Because the women you can form healthy attachments with, are going to be the same women that will leave when you’re half an hour late for a date without explanation.

We’ll talk more about this another time.

But for now… if you’re looking to discern between these two types of women…

Work with me.

Because I can spot them more or less instantly, and show you how to spot them too.

Understand… there’s a reason why “the red pill” causes severe problems in many relationships, rather than help them.

Disrespect and power games only work on women who need you to control them to respect you.

You need to decide what relationship you want:

One where you have to keep her down to be a leader? (Fear)

Or one where you surrenders to you out of devotion? (Love)

Screwing dumb thots and applying the red pill will give you the former.

Dating quality women and learning from yours truly will give you the latter.

Apply here if you want it:

– Pat