As many of you saw, the last two days have been a bit of a clusterfuck on twitter.

Red Pill guys have been coming out of the woodworks to express indignation at my apparent lack of sympathy for the myriad men who have been fucked over by women.

Look: it’s not that I don’t have sympathy for these men.

I have not only worked with, but am working with guys going through difficult marital situations where there have been infidelity, separation… guys trying to save their marriage, or looking for help transitioning to their new life beyond it.

None of these guys would for a second think I don’t care about them.

Indeed: they could have chosen the red pill guys easily over me.

Why didn’t they?

Really, not that surprising.

These guys aren’t angry bitter people, and they still have HOPE for a better future.

They want to LEARN from what happened.

They are filled with LOVE not fear.

Guys, I hate to keep harping on this.

But it needs to be firmly drilled into your head.

If you hate women, women have power over you.

If I get divorced, I want to understand WHY I got divorced… what mistakes I made… I want to pick up my life and move forward, becoming stronger and wiser…

I don’t want pity.

And I don’t want to spend the rest of my life feeling “screwed over” by someone.


Yes, the legal system is biased against men and it is terrible.

But rather than “own women” by eliminating your genes, how about you stop being a pussy and get your life together, so you can run for office and start to get laws changed.

What I see a lot these days from men (and btw, this is why the west is in a tailspin), is a lack of agency and widespread defeatism.

People are either spurring on the decline or feel helpless to stop it.

This isn’t the attitude of masculine men.

Men carry burdens, men fix things.

They don’t talk about tough things are for them. They don’t complain… and they certainly don’t run and hide.

Your grandfathers had to deal with a lot worse shit than divorce. Times are tough, because we are in a spiritual malaise, but the biggest reason things seem tough is because you are mentally weak.

Which is the irony of the red pill.

For all their talk about being a “mental point of origin.”

None of them have it.

They are defined in opposition to women, just like feminists are defined in opposition to men.

There’s no energy, no optimism, no vision.

It’s all “look at how bad things are for us, waaahhhhhh.”

Politics of resentment.

A powerful way of lowering people, controlling them, and making them incapable of progress.

Which is why I’m going to tell you straight:

If you adhere to their ideology, you are controlled opposition.

The debate is not over how women operate.

It’s about your attitude towards these facts.

You need to believe that you can make your life better.

Hope, faith, and love are emotions that lead you to bliss.

Fear, despair, and hatred are emotions that lead you to hell.

So do not accuse me of not caring.

I care so much about you I will tell you when you’re being a bitch.

But I won’t cater to your bruised ego.

If you want to suffer, suffer away from me.

Happiness is a choice you make by your actions.

And one big action that says you take it seriously?

Working with me.

If not for all the things about women and yourself I will teach you… then because my energy and mindset will become yours.

Yes, you read that right.

It’s one of the few things talked the least about coaching, but it’s arguably the most important.

Working with someone isn’t just about downloading their ideas, or their wisdom.

But their attitude.

If you like mine, and want something similar for yourself… apply here:

– Pat