March 2020

Recovering From A First Love

Hi Pat, Thank you for your great content and for cleverly answering my question (love me as I am) in the last Q&A, too bad periscope isn’t more reliable. If you have time or if that can serve as material in one of the next ones, I have something to ask about that fascinating comment […]

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The Guy Who Haunts Her P*ssy

People spout a lot of bullshit about “what women want.” But the one “claim” that not only annoys me but is actively DEPRESSING to hear is that “girls only care about money.” Look, money is WONDERFUL to have (least of all women, if we’re being honest). And money IS an amplifier of attraction. But on its

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What’s Behind The Shit-Test

Had a chat with the controversial reddit red piller “GayLubeOil” the other day, where he reminded me of a very interesting concept surrounding women One that used to get quite a bit of attention from academics and psychologists back in the day… but has been strangely neglected in our little community. I’m talking about HYSTERIA.

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Interview with Jack Donovan

In case you missed it, my interview with Jack Donovan is live. It was an honor to be on the show. For those who don’t know, Jack Donovan is probably one of the foremost experts in the world on male tribalism and psychology. He’s influenced an ENORMOUS number of ideas that we take for granted

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When Should You Ask Her Out?

A reader writes in: Hey Pat, Thanks for all the valuable content you put out. I‘m curious about your opinion on the situation I am in with a girl currently. I’m sure it’s pretty common amongst guys. I’ve been hanging out and having sex with a girl about 3 times a week for the past 3

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Love In A Time of Coronavirus

Apologies for the lack of emails of late. My mind, like many of yours, has been towards family and unravelling the mystery of this virus and what’s in store for society. Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that I’ve been going into some of my observations about the weird shit actually going (per

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The Art of the Neg

I received this question earlier today on a delicate yet important topic: Hey Pat, where does the nuance lie between teasing and insulting? I’m having to think about this consciously because I only regularly tease girls I have no interest in, now having to consciously think about it with a girl I like makes me

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