I’m not a zoomer, so I don’t watch too many of his videos.

But a pewdiepie video, “15 guys vs 5 girls” caught my attention the other night… so I decided to check it out.

And I’m glad I did.

You can check out the video here.

(make sure to skip ahead to the 4:30 mark, there’s a big section of sponsored content before)

Basically the premise of this “experiment” is that there are 3x as many male as female users online, so they decided to take the same proportions and put them into a real life dating competition.

Now, I know you guys can tell already the premise SUCKS.

Most of the girls in this video are not that attractive. Not ugly, but we are not talking about any bombshells here.

And worse yet, they are simply BORING and ANNOYING.

Pewdiepie points out that one of them literally says “she’s started going to the gym,” like it is a personality.

And yet all of these women (with the exception of one) are SWARMED with guys.

Only two of the men involved don’t take the simping bait.

The first you can tell just doesn’t give a shit and hates it. Pewdiepie notes him.

The other is smart and takes the girl who no other guys pursue. This was brilliant (so long as he is attracted to her), because she is an EASY CATCH — not only because there is no competition, but because the dynamics of the situation basically means she was “negged” into an enthusiastic state.

Every other girl had 3-4 guys pursuing her. This girl for a moment thought NONE of the fifteen were going to choose her.

This is DEVASTATING for a girl’s self-esteem. There dynamic is ironically the only one remotely healthy for the couple. The guy has decent game and is 100% going to get laid.

The rest?

Absolute SIMP-FEST of men trying to convince these women who have NOTHING to offer that they should be chosen.

One guy — the blonde with a ponytail, commented on heavily by pewdiepie, and in the comments — really throws the kitchen sink at the girl, trying to run game on her.

He’s a great example of a guy who thinks game is about talking to keep her attention… when really that sort of behavior is FATAL because it lacks awareness of the subcommunication.

He’s a dancing monkey and she’s not interested.

If he had made a few a quips and then pulled back, he might have had a better shot.

But alas.In the end, these women had to do the choosing… and they chose what you could expect from a group speed-dating event:

The guy who was most tall and attractive who didn’t beg for her.

No tension, nothing sexy. Just a meat-market.

But the lesson is clear:

If you want to get a girl, DON’T EVER CHASE HER.

Don’t try to impress her.Be cool. Look good. Mess with her. And give her the space to come to you.

The fundamentals of game in a nutshell.

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– Pat