Had a chat with the controversial reddit red piller “GayLubeOil” the other day, where he reminded me of a very interesting concept surrounding women

One that used to get quite a bit of attention from academics and psychologists back in the day… but has been strangely neglected in our little community.

I’m talking about HYSTERIA.

You’ve heard the term before, certainly. But likely in different contexts.

Someone is “hysterical” when in a panic, or emotionally agitated and can’t calm down. Per the dictionary it is “deriving from or affected by uncontrolled extreme emotion.” Interesting that the root of this term relates to a woman’s sexual organs, particularly her womb.

(A hysterectomy is the removal of a woman’s uterus, for instance)

Back in the day, one of the ways hysteria was “treated” by the doctor was with a “pelvic massage” — or in layman’s terms, rubbing her clitoris. A doctor basically made a woman orgasm to “calm her down.”Interesting solution to such a problem, is it not?

But there’s more:

French psychologist Lacan looked at hysteria as stemming from when a subject had a “crisis of legitimacy” in another figure. Hysteria was a way to “prove suspicions of incompetency.”

Which if I’m not incorrect, is pretty much exactly what a “shit-test” is all about.

Shit-tests occur when a woman is questioning if you are “for real.”

An observation that dovetails nicely with Zero HP Lovecraft’s brilliant observation from the other week:

“Women do not respect laws, they respect law-givers.”

Anyway, I know we are getting “heady” and “intellectual” here… but this is important.

Women are not really “testing” you when they do these things we call “shit tests.”

They are simply being HYSTERICAL.

And so perhaps we should stop using one term, and start using the other.

Because it’s not a conspiracy. It’s not a series of things you must overcome.

All women “test” because all women are hysterical by nature.

Women screen men for AUTHORITY.

They get triggered ONLY when that authority is not put together. When that authority isn’t real and a LARP.

Some women are perhaps more delusional with their hysteria than others, but the impulse remains.

They don’t simply WANT you to have frame, they NEED it. If they don’t they go crazy.

And they need you to have it in person AND in the bedroom.

Because THAT is where the real conversion happens.

Look — I know we don’t all start off at this level.

A lot of you guys have low or even no sexual experience.

All of that is OK.

It’s a journey. Remember that.

But know that it is very difficult to gain a woman to comply with your authority when she is not sexually satisfied by you.

Which is why you might want to consider working with me.It’s an awkward topic to boast about.

But yes, I’m good in bed. It’s one of the reasons I was able to maintain a “harem” easily and it was arguably the single biggest variable in both of my last girlfriend and my wife getting infatuated with me.

(it’s arguably what kept my marriage together when this business wasn’t doing so well)

But what’s important to remember is I wasn’t some natural.

I used to be BAD.

I had performance issues of ALL types and for years they were CONSTANT.

Every time I’d be with a girl I had to face them.

The awkwardness and pain of not being able to get it up… or of not lasting…

But eventually I solved them, and now they are NON-EXISTENT.

And I can show you how to fix them too.

So if any of this stuff is a problem for you…

I recommend you apply here: www.patstedman.com/application

There’s no better way to keep a woman’s “hysteria” in line…

– Pat