July 2021

Why To Steal A Man’s Girl

Short email for you today. But wanted to give a coda to a series I began back in February. Part 1: Should You Steal Another Man’s Girl? Part 2: *How* To Steal Another Man’s Girl If you were wondering what happened, well… My client got the girl. And now they are married and expecting the first addition

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How A Woman Opens Up A Man

Put out this viral tweet about a month ago, and the amazing Dean Abbott asked me to elaborate: No surprise, it appears everyone in the manosphere understands that men give structure to women. Women are chaotic — women are nature. Men are order, they provide them with the required guidance to help them grow. Like civilization, they build

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The #1 Girl Game Failure

Any guy who’s seriously dated around knows that women have some mixed feelings when it comes to other women. Obviously, they want their guy to themselves. But seeing other women express interest in him tends to trigger “competition anxiety.” Countless men have confirmed a little dose of this jealousy can lead to some incredible sex,

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