Short but very important email for you single lads today.

Was having a conversation with a client the other day and he was wondering how he should approach an upcoming first date.

Now, you might know if you got the masterclass that I’m usually a fan of simple first dates. Coffee, drinks, or even just a walk. This is especially the case with girls who are more or less strangers — the one’s you’d meet from daygame, bars, or online.

You don’t really know whether you’ll vibe with them, and so you want some casual, low investment way to bounce if things start to suck.

Similarly, this makes it easier to set these dates up. Doesn’t come across too heavy, and it’s easier for her to “say yes.” And if you guys aren’t super close-by, to find a spot more or less equidistant, or to try to have the date when either you or her would be in the others’ vicinity for other reasons.

However, you guys know the “one rule to rule them all” with these things. Every rule has a context. And so every rule can be broken.

For instance, you’d break these rules under a very important circumstance:

She’s already hooked.

Now why would you do this? What would be the advantage?

Put simply, when a girl is highly invested — she’s “fantasy projected” onto you — then you have the ability to move forward faster.

In fact, moving forward faster might even feed that fantasy further.

Let me give you an example, the one referenced earlier with my client.

He met a girl online. She really hooked towards one of his prompts, and was clearly interested. He applied the lessons in Tackling Texting and knew it was time to escalate, and went for the date quickly. She agreed.

But then dithered a bit. She was 45 minutes away. He was trying to figure out a place in between that would accommodate both of them easily.

My question for him was… why?

This girl was already very latched on, and the best way to move it forward was simply-put to pick a nice place to eat near him with a view, and give her a reason to make the trip into the city. Let her get dressed up for a guy she’s attracted to, and get swept off her feet.


She already liked him, so what was going to make her like him more was romance. Romance doesn’t create desire, but once desire is there, it is a massive amplifier of it. A coffee date in the middle of nowhere in between them, conversely, would feel like a let down based on the feelings she had for him. Not that she wouldn’t do it, but it wouldn’t help his attraction level and might hurt it.

Anyway, the point is learning all the principles and concepts is important. But applying them correctly is the real test of mastery. You can memorize a medical textbook and understand all the pathologies out there, but will you be able to correctly see them with a patient without experience?

The textbook is what my masterclass is. But working with me is like committing to an apprenticeship.

Maybe you only need the former at the moment, and that’s fine. The masterclass is the perfect place to start. All clients are required to get it for a reason, and it’s deducted out of coaching packages if purchased prior.

But for those ready to go to the next level, there’s only one way.

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– Pat