Wasn’t planning on writing another double header today but received the following question on yesterday’s email worth elaborating on:

Was reading the contents of the email and one questions popped up.

If when a girl does this sort of thin, expresses the interest of a guy in her, and I “see” where this is coming from ie she’s tring to make me jealous/she’s trying to get attention, does the fact that I see it come from a higher level of consciousness or just psychology knowledge? (I dona have a degree in psychology, I just know myself really good, therefore I kind of know how people think).

Thanks in advance for the reply !

The Great Nash made a similar observation that dovetailed with the above, and I responded accordingly:

But let’s explore this. Because it’s important to understand from multiple perspectives.

Men and Women both have biological imperatives. These imperatives influence behavior on a basic level, and tend to take precedent when an individual is immature / low consciousness.

However, when a man or woman integrates their shadow and unconscious feminine / masculine (respectively), they begin to transcend these basic impulses. Their consciousness rises up, as does their self-love. And so they will simultaneously take cheating / flirting with others less personally, while also due to their self-respect tolerate it less.

Due to the nature of feminine energy and its need for connection, low consciousness / traumatized women tend to express their trauma with an anxious attachment. They are explicitly needy, and try to grab energy from the masculine.

Masculine energy in contrasts seeks to prove itself, and so low consciousness / traumatized men tend to express their trauma with an avoidant attachment. They pull back emotionally, and try to preserve energy by blocking the feminine.

Anxious women will thus compete with other women for energy when their “source” is under threat. They give more to the man.

Avoidant men will handle it differently, and either attempt to control the woman or shut down from her entirely. They try to possess the woman or detach.

But when you leave these lower levels of consciousness and develop a secure attachment, women and indeed men behave differently.

Or should I say rather, men and women behave much more the same.

Because as the sexes integrate, in many ways they unify.

This is going to piss a lot of guy off here, but it’s the truth, and you’ve got to hear it.

Masculine and feminine roles with healthy people are more about personal choice than necessity.

An integrated woman can lead, provision, and build. And an integrated man can nurture, console, and play.

They have the capacity for such things, but they choose not to do them because they come less naturally and are less enjoyable.

There are less fundamental differences and conflict between them, however, because by understanding their own unconscious they understand each other.

So they more or less respond to disrespect like flirting with others in the same way: they communicate their issues with it, try to get to the bottom of the behavior, and if their partner doesn’t get it or doesn’t care — they leave.

Which is why I talk about Red Pill stuff like dread game and hypergamy… but don’t limit myself to it. Because how women respond to your actions changes depending on their consciousness. An anxious woman will chase you, an emotionally secure one will not.

Anyway, you get the idea.

Just make sure you determine accurately which woman is low consciousness, and which one is high.

I’ve seen many guys claiming a girl is awesome when she’s trash. “She’s 5D or Tier 1” when she’s simply validating them. But that’s the power of fantasy projection. You need someone to check your blindspots.

Which is why I do what I do.

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– Pat