May 2018


There are a LOT of things I need to learn about marketing and sales, so I hardly speak on this as an expert. But while I keep myself in the mind of you guys, I never push my services. The reason for this isn’t hesitation on my end. I love clients. (And not just the money.) […]

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Mommy Girlfriend

We’ve talked about hard women the last few days, this will be our last exploration for the time being. I want to talk about a strange but growing phenomenon in the west… Perhaps you’ve heard of them. They certainly got some press. Cougar cruises. Basically, young guys getting comped vacations with old women, to keep

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The Virtues of Hard Women

We spoke yesterday about hard men and soft women. But what about hard women? Do they have a place, romantically? The answer: It depends. (a frustrating answer, I know) We’ll talk about one growing niche for such women tomorrow, but historically they’ve actually been quite important… at least in militaristic societies. These societies cultivate hardness.

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Why Men Are Tough

Yesterday on Twitter, Kathryn Hogan (@KathrynmHogan – great follow BTW) responded to my tweet with an interesting question. Me: “A woman can only be soft if her man is hard. Most modern men are not up to the challenge.” Her: “Do you think this is a goes both ways thing? That a man can’t be hard

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Kissing Her “Hard”

I was having a chat with a client the other day, and he brought up something funny. So there’s a girl he’s interested in, and she’s interested in him as well. (though he didn’t see these signs before we worked together, a benefit of yours truly) Even so, he fumbled their next hang out… because

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The Thot Market

In passing, yesterday we mentioned “gamer chicks” and how guys need to dominate that domain to get girls, seeing how few of them there are. But there’s another aspect to this I want to explore, so you can become more aware. Specifically, that of “thot market” — and where it allocates thots. Some of this

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Revenge of the Nerds

Yesterday I made mention of facts and inferences being very valuable in conversing and attracting women. (aka, being a nerd can get you laid) Enticing, I’m sure, for many of my (inevitably nerdy) readership. After all — who else would follow a guy who talks about deep psychology and social dynamics? But the fact is

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French Girls Never Show Their Teeth

I’m heading to France in a couple weeks, and I’ve been brushing up on my high-school French accordingly. I’ve always liked French — it’s sing-song language that’s relatively easy to learn, especially to speak. (though my accent sucks — a product of having a very interrupted French program growing up) Anyway, I realized something while

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