May 2018

Hyding From The Truth

Ever do something really stupid? Something you know isn’t good for you but you just can’t help yourself? Well, that happened to me last night. I stayed up until 2AM… for no reason whatsoever, despite the fact that I had a lot to do the next morning. I was caught in a “dopamine loop.” I […]

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In Defense of the Red Pill

“People afraid of the next level idealize the one beyond it.” I tweeted this out the other day, but it was vague, and I think went over most people’s heads… so let’s explore it more here. One thing I’ve noticed is that most people when confronted with a problem do NOT try to solve it.

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Vanity Unfair

I recently finished off Vanity Fair — an eloquent, satirical novel of upper-class Britain at the close of the Napoleonic Wars and the years following. (Note: This is different from the ironically-named magazine of today which elevates said snobby upper class) One of the greatest things about this work — published in 1848 — is the no-holds-barred

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The 2 Kinds of Seducers

One of my favorite books (not sure if I’ve mentioned it before) is The Unbearable Lightness of Being, by Milan Kundera. Milan is a Czech writer, and as would be befitting, his book takes place (mostly) in Prague, on the eve of the Soviet invasion in ’68. The book is great on multiple levels.Gives you

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